Mega Coins, negatively impacting the competitiveness for more money


I’m not a paying player - well I bought 1 year elite last December but not a penny more spent on the game and wont be buying more elite.

I do however like Megacoins - megacoins give the chance to trade resources & score for effory & time.
75% of the score in 5% of the time with the same resources - its a good deal for me - I dont want to carry on spending hours in repetitive battles to get the maximum score for the most efficient use of energy and innerfire.
I’ve done in the past and it sucks - a whole evening spent on WD in the event only for the 6 hour round to end and need to keep going endlessly just to keep up.

I dont however see the logic in introducing mega coins to reduce the need to be playing constantly and allow players to take a break and catch up - then introduce a new event with 6 hour rounds with an autodemote if you dont perform that round.

Innerfire drop rate reductions do however worry me - the 500+ innerfire stock I had built up through saving all chests for pvp events has now depleted to 100 … after next pvp event I wont be able to buy megacoins anymore.


@PyroSax :smiley:


The adjustment essentially lowered top tier prize fucked literally fucked over all the rest. Some of us have data on prizes. You actually get less unless you get the last two tiers than prior PVP events. It’s literally Pg saying… actually I’m not gonna finish that. PGJared said no more truth on the forums or I’ll get banned.


Many people here hated the megacoin and loved the bonus meter. However not every round you would want to spend 6 hours grinding. Hence your suggestion of autodemote if did not do well may sparks more outcries.


I would to, because I would max every PVP event inside an hour… It would make ot so that coiner like me were simply unbeatable.

With King of the Hill, you can raid. I was solo capturing the top 3 Forts every time we lost them (even with the barracades maxed) and leaving the 4th for the rest of the team.

Hell, most the event was speant just knocking other teams off Forts because I kept the top 3 locked BY MYSELF…

So yeah, PLEASE add Raid to every PVP event. PLEEEEASE!!!


So I did some testing with this new event…

I had a very small amount of time to play (only caught like 3 rounds).

By hording Gold Chests from the Seasonal Reward lines, I was able to open 30 gold chests for free. I baught 200 energy for 30 “boxes” , a few rounds but didn’t use them.

I Launched Mega Attacks at the end of one round, along with some other people… we went from Champion to dropping down a pit in under a min.

We adjusted how we played, and next time we took Champion of Colesium.

I eventually bought a pack because I wanted Eggs for a breeder I need before next event. But that did give me a bit of extra energy (The event ended with me having like 60 energy boxes and 40-50 IF, so I didn’t even use most of what the pack gave me).

We ended up ranking 4 in a league that was spamming MegaCoins on the top 1-3 teams in each pit at the end of each round, consistently. And we were NOT spamming Megas except the 3 rounds I stepped into.

I got 80% of the personal rewards (for FREE).
We scored top 5 (Against MC spammers)

My only issue was time…


ALSO, as for the negative feedback on forums vs the numbers PG mentions…

The people here posting are actually a fraction of PG’s customer base. A very very small fraction.

And amount of complaints > amount of people posting.

If people are complaining in game, then turning around and spending a ton of money on MC… Then they are feeding false datab to PG.

You are asking a BUSINESS, to take the word of a few disatisfied customers over the raw data they pull off their servers.

In business, especially Customer Service as well, numbers don’t lie.

When I worked for a computer company, someone once complained they had gotten 1 bad HardDrive in a 100 Unit order. When I pointed out that that is only a 1% failure rate, and we ship 100s of thousands a week… their opinion changed.

Just saying… Your opinion (while you are fully entitled to it) does not equal fact.


That’s not exactly correct. We draw opinions from a wide variety of sources, and we are trying to add more people to the forum to make it more representative so the statements made here don’t get drowned out by ticket/usage data.

We are listening to the feedback here and via other channels and there is action being discussed. Nothing is 100% concrete (to my knowledge) but ideas like locking out Mega Coins during the last X minutes of a wave, adding more ways to earn Mega Coins, etc are being discussed.

This is very true, but I also feel “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. We’ll never make people 100% happy with features but I think we can still do better.


Always strive to do better :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust me, I’m pretty quick to point out a flaw (with a suggested fix) when I find one.

I think your best option here though is 2 fold:

  1. Add the bonus meter back, bit make it not affect or be affected by the Mega Coin (maybe Supers too).

  2. Adjust the code so that the attack has to finish before the round ends in order to count. As it stands, as long as you launch the attack before the round ends, you get points added to that round.

So basically the people that are abusing the MC (which I fully admit a few bad eggs are) are waiting until 1 min is left, flying with back-up, and scoring a Mega-Coin + 3-5 IFs.

By time the banner pops up, you don’t have time to get into the event to fly yourself and offset their attack


Oh I always thought run had to end before round ends for points to count?


Hey @PGJared

I’m really curious which sources you are using that are telling you that people like Mega Coins? Bank account statements? Seriously? There’s no posts on social websites where people praise Mega Coins, there’s no way people write you tickets in game praising Mega Coins? Literally, forums are the 90% of your feedback…

Out of 90 posts in this thread you chose to quote a guy that says that there are only few complaining. You think that only people on this forum don’t like MegaCoins? Rofl…

I dare PG to make a public poll on their website with a question “Do you like Mega Coins?” - See what the results are going to be…


Edit: Sorry I meant to reply to PGJareds post and not VoodooMacab…


I mean, that’s just plain wrong. We have received tickets in praise of Mega Coins. I’m not saying it was a ton, but that’s factually inaccurate.

You should also note that I’m discussing changes to Mega Coins to try to go off some of the feedback presented here as well as through tickets and social and other channels. I personally don’t think they’re perfect and I think they need improvement.

A poll on the website wouldn’t be a good sampling either because it doesn’t get a ton of traffic. That said, I can talk to the team about an in-game survey, but that’s not something I have control over.


I really appreciate your time reading and responding to my comment @PGJared

I would like to touch on couple of things from these comments. I might be wrong on the percentages I gave you, I obviously have no idea how you get your feedback… What’s annoying is that we’ve been complaining about Mega Coins since they were released which was few months back, correct? Discussing changes should have been already over and we should be in a implementation stage right now. You are obviously getting this positive feedback which is delaying you in changing anything and is ultimately able to outweigh us here on forums.

I agree that there is not a lot of traffic on websites to get a good census but still I don’t see a problem having a poll? It’s a common thing when a game introduces something new they make a poll and see what they customers think about it… It’s funny you say there is not a lot of traffic on websites to make polls matter but polls have been used in the past to determine much bigger things, such as Dragon spells, dragons designs etc… There was enough traffic for that? Not to mention that Nydryr, that has one of the best designs in the game, was made useless by the “POLL” that chose the worst spellset available… Tsk tsk…

Honestly, I admire you moderators on here because you get pulled in all types of directions, and take crap from everybody while staying cool etc. props to you, but you got to understand our frustration when we complain about something for months and we get no responses from PG and any change for the better. Even a statement saying we are not changing anything about the Mega Coins, deal with it, would have been better… But by not addressing the issue it just builds the rage in the customers.

Sorry for the long post.


The wheels at PG grind pretty slow when it comes to balance changes. We started discussing potential issues and feedback on the Mega Coin before it came out, and started discussing and going over feedback the day it was live.

Yeah, there is a bit of a problem with it. It’s like when players create a poll on the forum and then 40 people vote and someone goes “See, everyone feels this way”. Well, no, 40 people feel that way. It’s not a good sampling of the player base and would just cause misinformation. (Not saying the website would get 40 responses, but it wouldn’t be the thousands we’d need to be a good representative sample.) For some things we’re comfortable doing things via a poll, and for others we aren’t. For some things we take a hybrid approach (like back when I did the chest rewards poll and then married it to ticket data).

(Just a note; I’m not a moderator. None of the staff are moderators. NBD though.) We’ve responded to multiple statements on the Mega Coin saying that we were listening to feedback, and that’s true. We aren’t doing nothing, so saying “We’re not changing anything; deal with it” would be both rude and a lie. We haven’t 100% cemented what is going to be done, but changes are being discussed.


You really only need 650 or so responses for it to be statistically significant. Surely we can get that many through the forum, website and social combined?


Frankly I disagree. If 650 people organically wrote in and said “I don’t like X” I’d call it significant, but if we’re trying to get people to respond to a thing 650 wouldn’t be a ton. Also if we’re pulling from a bunch of streams (social in this case being at least 2 different streams) you have to factor for non-uniques (people voting multiple times).

Ideally in a case like this we’d do an in-game survey, which as I said above, I’ll talk to the team about.


Statisically, for a population of 500k, 600 respondents is all you need for a 95% confidence level and ±4% confidence interval.

But yes non-uniques would be a problem in multi-channel. But my point stands - you don’t need that many! :wink:


no matter what… THANKS for showing up on this thread and clearing things up.
Highly appreciated!


The wheels at PG grind pretty slow when it comes to balance changes.

Introducing Mega Coins was a major balance issue and that seemed to get implemented very quickly.

Just saying…


Not really. It was in the works for a while. It was just in the works behind the scenes were folks couldn’t see it.