Mega Coins, negatively impacting the competitiveness for more money


I would love to have them but it’s a huge money grabber. I think l, if they want to keep them, dhrasticqlly drop the price and how much it pays out


Inner fire drop rate is significantly higher than energy. Energy burns quicker , and even quicker with MC’s. It would actually be better if they allowed using only inner fire to purchase MC’s, but even that’s restricted. And mind you, I said better…not good.

It’s clear what the motivation is and, again, I’m fine with PG making a profit. The question is whether they’re not capitalizing in a way that breeds player loyalty and increases revenue streams. It is clear when you look at individual leaders in events that they’ve actually spent not $20, not $100, but $1000’s of dollars. Admittedly, I’ve spent quite a bit, but calculating the amount of purchases required to get over 50m individually on an event like Fortifications is mind boggling. So it is likely that those players ‘ habits are driving decisions and development instead to data mining and thorough market research to best capitalize and improve brand appreciation; and ultimately more motivation to spend by the masses who are currently dissuaded.


Let’s just be real…this is not going to change


Silly people. Consider. PG is about making a profit. If one guy spends $10,000 on mega coins and the rest spend none, what business in their right mind is not going to listen to the guy who spent $10,000.

Panda is right. This will not change unless all the big spenders ban together and vote with their wallets and THAT is extremely unlikely to happen.


I think they polled Harv on this one and the survey ended there haha.


In game poll sounds good but the content should be crafted to players wish here so can get a holistic outcome


Every in game survey this have sent out (that the link actually works) has been crafted to get the answer the way PG wants the question answered.

My favorite was which part of event X did you not like. “Sorry you can only click one response”. This was followed very closely by what did you best like about event X. “Sorry you must click on all choices to proceed”


The bonus meter is back for King of The Hill. ALL IS WELL IN THE WORLD OF WAR DRAGONS :heart_eyes: Thank you


I dont think they ever took it away for KoH event… Dont be too thankful yet. I am sure they will be back for next PVP event.


NOOOOO!!! My heart can’t continue to taking this :weary:


I agree that mega coins have drastically changed the game in favor of spenders and taken a lot of the fun out of events, as a free to play you could at least grind chests for enough energy to sit and play a couple hours to get a bonus meter up and score decent points. Leading to more play time and more enjoyment in the game. Now it has become a who can use the most end of round megas to achieve victory, with most of the times servers becoming so overwhelmed by the mega use and incoming attacks that not all attacks are being counted making the mega coin in itself ineffective, for those that are able to buy and use a few.

I’m not saying mega coins have to go in some events especially short round energy reset events they are beneficial to not have to spend hours of every 6 hr round trying to fight to gain leads on teams. But to bring more playability the bonus meters I feel should be returned.


So true. With The Fight Pits Event I found it better for my team and myself for points if I put my alarm 15 min before end of round jumped on, got to give 5 min for loading lol, and did my attack with a high level player. Theoretically I played less because I used my energy and inner fires for that 1 attack each round. That wasn’t fun. The winner at the end of the round was the team that used the most coins in those final minutes not the teams that grinded. I loved the bonus meter because it meant I had to play more to get the meter up and yes like you said, there was more enjoyment. If they brought the bonus meter back and made it so if you did a mega, bonus meter points aren’t included, like it is with inner fires. I would be fine with that because it is true, megas are good for last min attacks to push you through but to totally rely on it is just wack.


Agree bring bonus meter back for all PvP.

Violently disagree that bonus meter should stack with megas - that makes them even more worse! Because one Mega will max out your bonus meter, then the second mega is now suddenly 1.75x more effective! Please God no…


Prize tiering would be much worse with both mega coins and bonus meter, even if they didn’t stack x.x (definitely agree that they shouldn’t). If the mid-lower tiers were shifted down a bit more, then maybe… otherwise, running the numbers to reach the above the 250s or so is pretty demotivating; I’d burn out hard or end up wasting too many resources on a single event.


I’ve been thinking about this a bit and think they just need to implement a restriction on when the megas can be used. such as not in the last 20 min of the round. This allows the good of the megas (getting attacks in for those who don’t have time to make 100 attacks, but solves the problem of only the last 15-20 min of a round being important. The sniping effect that happens now is not what the megas were made for…


I get that PG has form with making prize tiering much higher with the mega coins - but I would argue why should this be the case if they bring back bonus meter and keep megas? If megas and bonus meter don’t stack, then there is no real reason for prize tiering to change, because megas are going to be just as affective as they were previously, and all bonus meter does is allow non-spenders to get a little bit further up the prize tiers. Attracting and keeping non-spenders in the game should be a core strategic objective for PG as it keeps the whales happy with more fodder. I would suggest that this would be the best compromise if megas are here to stay (looks like they are).


No that’s not what I meant. I meant not to stack. It’s true it’s too much stacked. I forgot the most important word in my sentence.


Glad to see the meter. As I read, using the mega coin took away game play. I did notice that I played less. As for the alarm thing, i did that but it got old as fast as I used up Most of the inner fires, energy or rubies. Just like that it was all gone. It also, in some way, took away the time to go raid and get medals…and minuscule .05% chance chests, Lockdown/Elemental Mayhem spells, and 1 min speed ups… only to find out that they dumped rss…


Actually that’s a non-existent business model… it’s never one or the other unless you’re selling a single item. However, the efforts to date seem skewed toward high spenders even at the risk of higher attrition of new players…so yes… they don’t appear to want to change and likely won’t


I have to disagree with you there. I always get a lot of energy packs but hardly any inner fire’s. For months now Ive had over 100 energy packs and buy gold chests just for inner fire and often end up with more energy packs instead. I think another part of the problem is the epic drop for inner fire can be used up in two attacks…that’s not very “epic”.