Mega Coins, negatively impacting the competitiveness for more money


+1… Mega coins are ruining events for non spenders


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Considering in the last pvp that used inner fires I ended with 4303 inner fire and started with 4115 and yet I started with zero energy and ended with zero…while using three dragons each attack loaded with inner fire on each, I don’t believe there is anything to disagree with…the empirical evidence speaks for itself.

Now, is it possible that our disparate outcomes were merely flukes of random draws? On the surface of just those sample sizes, I would be inclined to say yes and shrug it off. However, this happens EVERY pvp that uses inner fire…thus the thousands that I have accumulated.

So again, I respectfully accept what you say happened to you is true, but there is nothing to disagree with since cold hard facts support me.


Can you spare me some please?


You bring up an interesting point.

So you have thousands of if and no energy right?
So does a few ppl in my team.

I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum - I have thousands of energy boxes and no inner fire.

Would love to know what the similarities/differences are in playstyle.

From ios vs android
To normal vs super vs mega
Spender non spender
Grinder non grinder etc


I have wondered the same thing…as I play accounts on different iOS devices, I have noticed that drop rates on different devices appear to be significantly different. I admit that as yet I haven’t recorded or analyzed precise numbers, but I do use one device specifically for my primary account because I felt the difference was significant enough to warrant attempting to mitigate the potential for poor drops of higher reward items. I know PG States their drops are random, but unless they’re using a variation of a random decay formula then the ‘randomness’ is designed to specific percentages (as some like amoeba, red, etc. have shared) and at least superficially appear to have confounding variables affecting drops…associated with operating systems, specific devices, or possibly even accounts…perhaps even the number of purchases? I repeat, I have no empirical evidence to support this…just supposition…would actually have to see the code to determine what is intentionally, or inadvertently, affecting drops."…if anything. Still, I will continue to use one device for my primary account…because I am silly that way lol


Lol…well…it is funny, but you bring up a good point about game economies…most games include options to reduce stockpiles via quid pro quo type transactions (sell to vendors, stores, or forge in this case) or exchange or share with other players. Clearly, they think allowing more items to share…especially consumables…might affect purchasing negatively, and given the relative silence regarding the beta forge it would seem they either feel the same about that or player/testers aren’t enamored with the options or payouts…

From a team perspective, imo, it would enhance the game tremendously to allow sharing of consumables beyond food, wood, and gold that can only be used in Atlas…an option that does more to remind those not in diamond just how far away that is.


I totally agree, mega coins makes team building and confidence hard to accomplish. Every time I thought my team is doing great together as a whole in the event, another team jump in with mega coin attacks and took all our hard work away.


That’s amazing to me. The most Inner Fire I’ve ever had was 130, and they all got spent in the second round of The Fighting Pits doing normal attacks. We lost that round. I didnt realize how the event worked and was disappointed I didnt use them for Mega Attacks at the end. I never run out of energy packs though.

Also, to add to your points of how PG treats their resources and non spenders: It might affect spending negatively on a person to person basis, but at the sametime, people spend less if they feel they are being milked by a greedy company. There were just stories in the news about the new Need to Speed and Battlefront 2 games that went overboard with micro-transactions and had to change things up.

The first game I played with micro-transactions was a flash based browser game about 15 years ago. In that game, you could send purchased tokens to other players and it also put a time limit between purchasing resources. The cost for military units also increased depending how big your army was, so that made it beneficial for the spenders to send resources to non spenders and keep everyone at the same strength.

These things helped to keep non spenders/minimal spenders from falling too far behind and then getting disparaged and quitting. That game is still alive today. PG has to find the right balance for the purpose of longevity.


I remember reading something on the old forums, I think it was CampusLifer who said that the Workshop was removed because there was security issues with it. People were exploiting it or something.


agreed, it has definetly ruined competitiveness by adding mega coins the big spenders always win


Mega coins sole purpose is to get Mega money from players! It takes away ALL strategy in every event!


Unfortunately, PG is in the business to make money so they can and will fluff whatever data they need to in order to push their idea(s). I’m not saying I agree with the Mega Coin approach, but lets face it, ya’ll keep playing so why keep complaining. I cut back on my amount of play and spending, I got involved with more real life activities and keep from buring my nose in my devices. Like the majority if you, I was addicted to playing and now I am slowly pulling away. Ya gotta be pro-active, sitting around complaining over a video game is a waste of quality living and enjoying real life. We all have our excuses, its just a matter if youre strong enough as an individual to do something about it.

I know a lot of you will not like my post, but why? Did I call you out on something you know is true or are just a key oard tough guy that needs attention? Whatever the reason is, stop the belly aching and be proactive. If you dont like whats going on, find a new game or actually get involved with the very people around you. Look up, life is happeneing!


I looked up… i saw the ceiling…


For what it’s worth… here are before and after screen shots of my energy and inner fire for the current event. It’s not completely done, but at most, I will completely wipe out the energy with regular attacks and do a few more backup runs with the inner fire. As most on our team are also out of energy, the latter will be nominal…

Beginning of event:

Finished with (early):

Somewhat surprisingly, the drop rates of both inner fire and energy were about the same. Inner fire was dropped more, but not enough to indicate a significant variance. The problem is that inner fire doesn’t need to drop at the same rate since it can’t be consumed at the same rate. A reduction in the drop % would allow for other items …hopefully desirable items and not standard consumables…to be acquired. I honestly can’t see a way that energy would stockpile without skipping events with energy and solely using inner fire for backup and possibly non-event runs by mistake. This not to say that I don’t believe it happens as you state, it’s that the math behind the consumption rate makes it highly improbable without some confounding variable that is somehow inadvertently part of the code… like it considers devices, OS, account purchases, etc however unlikely that may seem. Of course, thresholds could also affect drop rates as well as percentages applied to unique purchases, or small groupings, as opposed to a running percentage per account. I’ve personally seen this kind of coding that affects percentage rates, but including that may be intentional by PG.

The only certainty is that there is no need to have energy and inner fire drop at similar rates… 1.5:1 E:IF might be enough of a ratio to balance better…again, just my opinion


Being a low level, i find it ok to have 1:1 ratio because whenever i want more points, i always end up using 3 Inner fires per attack. Sometimes when i use 100 energy for attacks, even if i am doing super attacks X 5, i have it hard to have 15 inner fires in case i use up Inner fires in normal attacks.
Again, this is only my situation so it might be different for different players.


I use three dragons loaded with IF each run… the numbers above include that. Fact is that you cannot consume them equally so they should not drop equally. As you make more runs, the cost of energy goes up and quickly outpaces the IF consumption. It maybe that rates in bronze v. gold chests are different and perhaps bronze should retain a 1:1 but even that doesn’t support the math. I also know it’s hard enough at low levels to compete so I get it. At that level, if you’re not spending, then it’s even harder, but it’s also not going to impact you significantly either.


I don’t know how you have so many of them but a decrease to inner fire drop rate would be detrimental to me and I imagine many others as well. I buy value packs and gold chests but the choke point for me in PvP events is always inner fire. They are gone as soon as I get them.

Maybe it has something to do with play style. I generally don’t buy energy when the cost gets too high. If I did, then I imagine my energy packs would be depleted as well, though still not at a faster rate than inner fire.

You have obviously been playing this game longer but I still can’t figure out how you and others can have such a large stockpile of inner fire’s.


I am not sure I understand your math. I run 3 dragons with IF per attack. Assuming I buy 100 energy at 10 and 100 at 20, that is 30 packs to give me 50 attacks. At 3 inner fire per attack, that is 150 IF and 30 packs, not including any free energy.
Of course if i do supers, then 30 packs give me 10 attacks, for a total of 30 IF using 3 dragons per attack. So pack use is equal to IF use.


Mathematically you start at the lowest point already using more energy assuming the 1 box = 16 energy ‘fragments?’ And at the start of a pvp, or when refreshed, the cost is 4 ‘fragments’ and at most you can only use 3 inner fire on any given run. Even if it goes up , but you stop at an arbitrary cost limit it still only gets worse. The only way, as mentioned previously, to exhaust inner fire before energy is to skip using energy for events and only run backup.

There are plenty of other rewards that create a surplus similarly, and I by no means want others to be adversely affected. I am simply showing there is an imbalance. What I would really want to happen, is for PG to either rework the beta forge or add more sharing options with teammates so these surpluses can be useful and not stuck on a digital shelf in a virtual closet…

The thought may be that they feel we would spend less, but I can say definitively that I spend a lot less than I have exactly because I have the surpluses. Surely we can agree that surpluses that don’t dwindle over time is a waste if we can use/spend/share them… right?