Mega Coins, negatively impacting the competitiveness for more money


I apologize, I honestly don’t even have a clue what you mean when you say you buy 100 at 10 or 100 at 20… an energy ‘box’ is broken into 16 fragments, for lack of an official term, and the ‘cost’ to spend that energy begins at 4 fragments. It increases progressively the more runs you use energy on in each round or refresh period. The total fragments used to the max number of inner fire begins at 4 energy fragments to 3 inner fire and gets nothing but worse from there. The drop rate of energy boxes that essentially are the same as saying 16 energy fragments is equivalent to the drop rate of inner fire. This is the math I am referring to… and as I said in another post, I don’t really want or care too much if the drop rates stay the same… I would just prefer to have some mechanism in the game that allows us to use, or at least share items that we build surpluses of instead of allowing them to continue to accumulate .


One energy box doesn’t always give you 16 energy. When you tap the + next to energy, it takes you to the energy refill screen, where the bulk option starts as 10 energy boxes -> 100 energy. As you buy more, the rate of return decreases. If you trade in 1 box -> 16 energy twice, you’ll see the bulk option become 13 energy boxes -> 100 energy.


Exactly…thus my reference to it gets progressively worse…meaning the costs of 4 ‘fragments’ for a normal attack gets worse due to the increase in the exchange rate…super and MC get worse proportionately. Thanks for explaining what was being referenced…thought he meant he was buying energy and innermost fire through chests that way…bottom line is the rate of consumption is inequal…it would be great if drop rates correlate with consumption rates…or as mentioned, we had some economic means to capitalize surplus rss.


Some idiots use mega on my team even though we were left with 9acres of land.
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I don’t get it, is the complaint that inner fire drops too frequently? I’d have to disagree if that’s the case, otherwise I’m confused. Using 10 energy packs for 100 energy gives enough energy to use 75 IF. I’m a lower level so maybe I’m just confused. 10 v. 75


You’re not buying 100 attacks…attacks cost the same regardless for normal, super, and mc…you can either wait for energy to refill at the normal rate, pay at the higher exchange rates you referenced, or through prizes or chest drop rates…inner fire, on the other hand, only comes by the latter 2 and the drop rates are similar. Bottom line is that you do not in any way consume them at the same rate. Each attack will always take more energy than IF and costs for more attacks make the exchange of energy ‘packs’ go up.


I think he’s trying to point out that it’s easier to spend hundreds of energy packs than hundreds of inner fires, so energy packs should drop at a higher frequency?


10 energy packs = 100 energy = 25 attacks. If you use 3 IF for each run that is 25 x 3 = 75 IF. 10 energy packs spent, 75 inner fire used. Forgive me if I’m missing something


Maybe I am missing something.


Lol…it’s not worth further explaining. Forscience is correct…i will drop it. Thanks for engaging though


Energy boxes for some events end up capping out at 29 boxes for 100 energy; I’m not familiar with caps across all events, though. IFs cap at three per attack.


Sorry didn’t realize you guys max out daily energy buying, I’m not a spender. Was just chiming in that for normal players you need more IF since your 10 daily energy boxes need 75 IF to maximize score. Still kind of confused though. Even 29 energy boxes for 100 energy needs 75 IF. Guess it’s not worth explaining if I don’t get it at this point.


Knowing the info doesn’t mean big spender :rofl:


Lol sorry I re-read my post it sounded like I was being a dick sorry I’m not saying you are I was just saying that’s presumably why I don’t understand the issue. Since I can’t figure out the IF surplus


As an example demosthenscar gained over 170 IF during his event while spending 40 energy packs. Does not compute for me :man_shrugging: but clearly he energy packs are more needed than IF for him if he gains them during events. I just don’t get it lol. I lose IF during events as I use them.


Yes! Ditch this stupid coin. There is absolutely no point to even competing in tug of war any more. Work a whole round to build up a 6-7k lead, and poof, gone with 3 minutes on the clock. This isn’t strategy, or competitive gameplay, it’s simply throw money at it until you win.

Bring back the bonus meter, encourage people to log on and play. You will get your money no matter what, stop reaching. Keep the game fun, and competitive and you will get your micro transactions.


I’m not sure how you can’t consume them equally? A single energy refil buys you 4 attacks, that you can use a potential 12 inner fire on. 1 pack used, 12 inners. Even at the cap of 29 packs for 100 energy. That is 25 regular attacks, potential 75 inner
Fire. That is still nearly 3 times the amount of inners than energy packs. Seems to me inners should drop at a 3:1 ratio over energy. I always have packs. I never have inners.


I don’t think you understand math that good buddy


I work on predictive and prescriptive analytics… so I am going to try and stay confident in my math abilities in spite of your rebuke. I have explained the economics and mechanisms of this too many times on this post to review it again here and since your post is more of you trying to tell me why I am wrong, all I will say is that if you are truly interested in understanding, then review how you actually consume them and NOT how you acquire them through either outright purchase, through season achievements or sigil lines, or through drop rates… it all starts with each consumption from each attack. This part is completely indisputable and the facts are crystal clear… the cost of an attack starts at the lowest level as 4 energy period… you do not need to use IF at all, but the maximum you can use is 3 if you load and use 3 dragons. Simple and clean 4:3… the rest is where the request comes in to adjust drop rates, regardless of acquisition through rewards, purchases. Etc.

I happen to be one of those ‘math geeks’ that coworkers, family, and friends come to for help… I absolutely love math… when I write code, I can’t wait to apply anything from basic to significantly advanced calculations into the algorithms I base them on… all that said, I am by no means perfect and always try to stay open to other possibilities and spend as much time trying to prove myself wrong… also known as proving the null… and still accept that I may be wrong… I don’t much care for insults though… so anything you detect as condescending or perceive as a harsh tone in this reply is a direct response to your 2nd reply’s attempt at cheekiness/insult. Not sure what inspired that, but hopefully you’re just having a bad day.


I’m just trying to understand not be cheeky but 4 energy per 3 IF is 1/4 an energy pack per 3 IF right? Aka 1 energy pack = 12 IF?