Mega coins possible solution

Being as I was a bit bored with this event I started reading old posts on the forums. What I noticed was the amount of negativity on the subject of Mega Coins, and the impact it has on the events.

I admit I hate the bloody things, and yes I’m ashamed to say I have used them a couple of times.

This got me thinking on how the MC could benefit both players and PG without having a major effect on the PvP events. I suspect most players are using them because they don’t have time to grind away for their personal points.

What I suggest is have a two tier point system when using the MC.

  1. The MC only scores the the same amount of points as the Super Attack or Wildfire attack for the team points. This would make the PvP events more about team work than the wallet.

2.The MC still scores the x30 but only for the player’s personal points. This would mean the players would still get the benefits for using the MC without the devastating impact on the event.

I personally think this is the way forward for the MC and making the majority of the WD players happy.

I was wondering what other players think of this idea. If this has been suggested before I do apologise.


Mega coins are an inefficient way of using energy and IFs together. There really isn’t an issue with mega coins. They are meant for quick shots, specially for those who can’t grind IF attacks (which is more efficient for points).

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I think most of th community will disagree with you here. The issue with them here is that someone can do 30x what a normal player can in 30x less time. It means that massive damage can be done if multiple people use them


Higher leagues or even Plat/Gold league players use close to end of rounds for a push towards next pit in fight pits/ start of PvP round for killing PvP island first in Gauntlet.
They have become a part of strategy.

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I tried not to be skeptical because the OP seems extremely positively thinking.

That is the point I’m making @Luffy why should there be an instant win button if you have deep pockets, where is the skill or teamwork?

Any team that has a player with deep pockets and willing to spend can carry a team for the event. Yet a team that can’t afford to use MC and rely on teamwork and grinding are being penalised how is that fair? This is why I suggested my idea.

Any idiot can pay to win, but only a true player knows how to play the game.


I like this idea. Two tier for points from mega coins.

Do you realise that so called idiots actually spend their hard earned money here. Idk what grinding means ? They are trading off their work money with less game time. It’s all relative . I don’t buy megacoin , and understand the purpose. But that also means their hard earned money is not contributing significantly to the team.

I also like this idea. I also believe that it would be good to reintroduce a proper bonus meter (this wildfire stuff is NOT a proper bonus meter) and figure out how to program mega coins so that:

  1. They do not have any influence on the accumulation of points for the bonus meter.
  2. The bonus meter does not grant even more points when combined with mega coin useage.
  3. Mega coins are primarily for personal points with a much smaller percentage of the total points gained affecting the team score, especially in events like Fight Pits

I think that these changes would make PVP events a lot more enjoyable and worthwhile. For those who cannot afford to spend money in order to “win” PVP events have reached the point where one wonders “what’s the point?”

At least with breeding and fortification you are making personal progress in the game. PVP events have become a drain on rss (including time) with a payout of points that barely justifies the effort expended.


Yes I am one of them. Most do minus the super spenders/cheaters.

Why? I don’t even bother anymore with that repetitive non fun events anymore which are over and over the same with different names. But I want to do my part for the team so I use them and have more time for things I like. Like eating New York cheesecake or grilling a good steak with friends.


Yes I do I am one of them. I will dip in my pocket and spend my hard earned cash from time to time.

As for the the use of the word “GRINDING”

adjective: grinding
(of a difficult situation) oppressive and seemingly without end.

A bit like WD

Hope that helps.

You guys got it all wrong… leave Mega Coins alone!

Just make them cost twice as much. :speak_no_evil:


The change would not occur since these PvP events affect team rating and players are willing to pay for that.

It is just the way it is in P2W games and the developers are driven to add items like the mega coin vs quality content.

i hope you see the question mark there, along with my sarcasm. Thank you very much for clarification. :raised_hands:
I would rather take @Shadelos idea because giving certain amount of points towards your personal points and a highly reduced number of points towards team contribution just makes megas useless and is more cash cow policy than current one where atleast contributed points go towards team help for the resources spent.

Either way :wave:

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  1. Somehow I quite disagree with this… IMO, taking turns to use Mega Attack is also a teamwork (despite the only teamwork I hate the most). Having different points for VP and IP is just too confusing for me (I like it simple)…

  2. Rather than this, I’d prefer reducing the multiplier for Mega Coin (e.g. 20x for 100 energy + (10-20) IF(I prefer 20)), or

I think the solution is even simpler than halving multiplier or increasing cost. Since the MC problem is the strong and fast impact on game, it needs just an adjustment on time to use it. Now it is only usable until 15 min till round end. I say cut it at 1 hour so you can still get points, contribute to the team and favour team strategy.

MC in kingdom wars though, works fine. I prefer to spend each 4 energy because I pre-determined I wouldn’t waste my hard gained energy and IFs in MC

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Bump- Another great suggest just being ignore by PG.

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