Mega quits are back

Some players seem to have realized that when they are doing pVP attacks during weekly events they can use mega attacks, quit @ 60% and still get a good reward This is utilizing the same principle of the mega quit to win and while not technically “cheating” it does create some issues of “fair play” See if my team quits at 60% and yours quite at 70 then we can drain your team points faster without a tually winning an attack yet we can win the round I know of several teams that are doing this I will not make the accusation for a few reasons ( mainly I just dont want to hear people mouths )

With that said I would like to see this loophole closed Make megas count only when you reach 70% or above This will make a llayer go the distance if they are gonna use the mega option It would also give players more reason to defend too and create a competition to actually use a mega attack and get away with it as a successful attack Simliar to a war attack if you quit a war attack at 60% you dont get flames It shouldnt be that way in an event either

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can you explain more clearly, I don’t think I got your point, how can a player get good result when they just quitted at 60% ?

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This event is based on time… not much else. So 100% points is at 70% but you still get decent points at 60%… so some teams/players are quitting early to give themselves that time bonus which is all you need to win in some cases. The OP is complaining that 30 people “failing” a mega will beat a team of 30 people winning a mega because of this.

It is an inherent flaw with this event… personally I think Megas should t be allowed in PvP in this event. That would make it more interesting


Certainly a great suggestion. Ban megas in gauntlet!

Just the PvP part of gauntlet

Not that banning will make players riot what we need too do is ban Mega quits is what I’m getting Megas really reduce time needed too take an island.

For that strategey to work, a team needs to organise at least 12 attackers, all starting exactly at island appearance, all cutting it very close. That against a team that goes all the way to 70%. A team that pulls this off deserves the win, it is risky and difficult enough to pull off.
Without Mega in Gauntlet PvP you turn an exciting battle lasting 2 minutes into a tedious effort dragging on for half an hour at least. That repeats every 3 hours.
Personally I am happy the way it is.

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