Megacoin yielding ZERO chests

Has anyone received ZERO chests from a megacoin attack when you have a raided a higher level player with a strong defence rating? This happened to me yesterday. I put in a ticket, and the response was:

“In regard to your concern, I’m so sorry for the confusion. I can definitely understand how not earning chests from mega attacks can be frustrating, but I just want to inform you that there is no guarantee that you will get chests from doing mega attacks. Mega Coin only serves as a multiplier, so it actually depends on the chest drop. So no chests from the monument means no multiplier and no chests at all.”

I understand no chests if you choose a weaker opponent, and chest drops most certainly appear to be tied to power differential. However, I chose a much stronger victim, and since their inception I’ve never seen a mega attack that didn’t yield dozens of chests.

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You are not alone. :grin:

My last mega coin attack I got 24 chests, the one before I’m actually not too sure about tbh

+1. I opened a ticket for this as well. Seems the issue started yesterday. As earlier megas I did yielded chest.

I didn’t get a chest for a megacoin I used either. I din’t know about this. :thinking:

I got zero chests from a mega coin attack earlier. My boyfriend got zero from a mega attack yesterday. Considering the resource cost of a mega, to get zero chests is very unfortunate.

I did 5 mega attacks so far, got chests from 2 of them and absolutely 0 from first 3. Support tried to tell me that because I didn’t have any chests drops during my run that’s the reason not getting it …

I don’t think that is an acceptable response, imo.

I am not happy, so if you did get chests during your run, you will not get bonus chests… seriously PG ?!

0*10000000 is still 0, so yes.

So, in a roundabout way, PG is encouraging insanely short bases with the minimum number of monuments for attackers to hit and earn chests to deter players from using MegaCoins on those bases…:thinking:

Sounds like support is full of it. Not only has all of my megas given me 20-30 bronze chests, but I’ve also gotten 1 silver and 1 gold from some of them.

Just hit one more, it was long base by the way. Guess what, 0 chests!

That hurts :cry:

If this is on purpose, than that would be awesome. Trade off for using a mega coin is you get no chests.

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Which is fine… but not how its currently designed or advertised.

They seem to be pretending that it’s mathematical, but it most certainly isn’t. In every mega I’ve used there’s been a number of bronze, a few silver and maybe 1 or 2 gold, which in no way multiply. If, for example, they say 1 mega is worth 20 runs, and on that run I get 2 bronze and a silver, then the mega should yield 40 bronze and 20 silver. The system clearly doesn’t work like this. Rather, it would appear that it tallies what would otherwise have been 20 random runs. So for PG to say if you get no chests on the run, you get none at all means that it is picking and choosing, and stifling random generation.

Stop using that pos then🤷‍♂️


It is pos, but we don’t have 20 people online every 3 hours to kill it without mega attack… however pg is doing everything they can for us to hate this pos even more.

My thoughts exactly. My response was ‘it’s not a guarantee’ which is complete crap as I’ve received between 20-30 chest from each mega i’ve done since Megas were brought into the game.