Meglok compared to Huitzil

I remember Huitzil smashing a lot of bases and pretty much steamrolling most of the competition…before it got nerfed. So, how does Meglok compare to it. I’m trying to decide on Namaka or Meglok. Not end game and never will be. At best I’ll probably be n-3 perpetually. I know I can hit at 3x -6x ap with Namaka given practice, but warriors tend to have much lower learning curves

How long after hui was introduced did you get him? How long after that was he nerfed?

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Huitzil never steamrolled good bases. Never even stood a chance against defended bases either. I loved when he used to hit my base, even from a while tier up because I could rip him to shreds when I defended.


Meg is a bit tougher than Huit if I’m being honest. I need double defended (incl me) to drop one.

Yes same here and spamming hammers :sweat_smile:

Huitzil has a big flaw: mage supershot. It’s easy to kill when defended.
Also, it lacks power to kill big farms, or the one protected by a perched Mythic Warrior’s shield.

Meglok can overcome both.

So Meglok >>> Huitzil

PS: and Meg can evolve further, but it’s not significant for you as you stated.

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