Meglok vs UVS - comparison?

So… it my be a bit too early for that to ask - and if so, excuse me.
But I was wondering: With UVS getting all that praise being a good warrior dragon, how would you rate Meglok in comparison?
Anyone that maybe has flown him/both already even and can give some insights on how he feels power/usability wise?

UVS was a good warrior because the time shift ability was only used once before in the game (Hau) and made the warrior super interesting.

Meglok is a mythic warrior. He is not terribly interesting, and has no cool, new skills to set him apart from other warriors.

In terms of power, he is as powerful as other mythic warriors, shares their strengths and weaknesses, and is in every way relatively lackluster.

And I’m still getting him.


I can say both warriors are unique in there own way.

Yes, UVS was fun to fly and take some skill and timing to fly if you want to effectively use him probably against defenders. The name of the game for UVS was to trip the defenders Ss, so when you “Alter Fate” back you don’t need to worry about any towers Ss’ing you.

Meglok isn’t as fun as UVS I can admit but he is just as good as UVS when it comes down to “reliability” against good/tough bases.

I still use UVS till this day and just got Meglok yesterday, Meglok is in Harbinger tier about to be in vanguard in 2 more lv’s. Once I get him to my current cap I can give you my honest opinion about him against live bases with defenders.

All I can say is, if you always wanted a solid warrior and missed UVS last two seasons ago, go for Meglok.


He’s still a baby.


Vanguard tier? Against level 80 tower? Awesome salad dragon

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Yes, just evolved him to vanguard tier before attacking that base. :sunglasses:

He takes a lot of food after that :joy::sweat_smile:

Nice attack :+1:
Can you share a video on a defended base

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Shoutout to StrikerAce :sunglasses::ok_hand:

You guys have no ideal how hard it was to get a clip against defenders that are actually trying to defend then defenders that just leave right away :sweat_smile: it was a pain in a A** to get one!!! Great clip :sob::joy:


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