Mehh it is FIGHT PITS this week 9/10/19-14/10/19

I am excited more for the timer missions than the event itself

@PoseidonPQ nice poster as always hope you dont mind sharing it here every week


Don’t mind at all :+1:t2:


As always, love your posters… hate the pvps :rofl: but your posters are wonderful.

Thanks for the time you dedicate to these @PoseidonPQ, it adds a little light to the game.



Is that coming out this week?

yes coming with the update


“Why guacamole? No pits…”
That’s too funny?:rofl::rofl::rofl:


I have a issue in the event. It happened yesterday a time and now aswell…
The game loads very fast in … no connection issues…
But when i try to attack in the event a enemy…
i tried some random ones from a team … it just loading and loading… but not coming to the attacking screen… When i rotate my phone… the game doesnt rotate as it should…

The is a big issue … its very unstable… unplayable after trying to attack in event :confused:

i just figured out… you need play at normal attacks before, then it works to play event…
please let the team know, to fix that issue behind.

Whole lot of event pages that get stuck at 58% and sit there until a force close. Not helpful when you are waiting for the point screen after an attack.

@EmrahT, that is very weird. Is this happening all the time unless you do a normal attack outside of the event first?

Is this happening only on the battle results page or somewhere else?

Both battle results and loading the event. Which I though was weird how both stop at 58%.

That is very odd! If you or anyone you know is facing the issue could please submit a ticket about it, that’d be great! It makes it easier for me to be able to bring the issue to an engineer. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll see if I can catch screen shots tonight and open a ticket. No problem.

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if i go straight to the event after opening the game, and try to attack there, it will not work… and the window will stuck there…

If i go first to the normal attack list ( right down ) , and move back to the event… then i can select a enemy at attackscreen…

I never realized this before… just in this event… idk why its that way…
Its just for the start of the app, after one succesful attack, that problem isnt anymore.

That happens a lot to me. Eventually made the game totally crashed. Please look at ticket [#1807498]

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