MemoriesIII P1 looking for active players 200+

Language: need to be able to communicate in English
Time Zone: any
Played time: any
Age Range: adult
Elite Account?: your choice
Dragon Roster Includes: relevant to level
Highest Lineage Dragon: relevant to level

MemoriesIII is looking to replace a few alts. We are in plat 1 and have a solid core of active players.
We have atlas and castles… 544 atlas eggs (or ~100 troops) and 450 main game eggs daily.
We are what I would call a casual/relaxed team though don’t take that as inactive… far from it. We just don’t take this game as serious as other aspects of life.

Events - typically only get the max team prize in fort, otherwise the 300 sigils.
Quests - usually level 7 or 8. Plenty of help to get those shitty ones done if you wish.

We have no minimum requirements in events/atlas/etc. our members are global and
we are not a hardcore atlas based team though our 5ta is very active and plenty of glory opportunities. We have close ties to mem0ries in D1 and have a number of players go up or down as required.

If you’re looking for a fun and active team without any extra pressure placed on you then please apply.

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