Menhaeten clips

Can someone send clips on how to fly him, I am close to getting him and want to know more. I can’t find anything on y tube.

That’s cause he’s not good and pretty irrelevant :sweat_smile:

Just start on your fire defensive gear and put him on your perch.


He’s actually there. You just need to spell & type him correctly, & I think you meant “Mehaten”? Right?


Step 1: bond defensive rider to him
Step 2: Place on perch
Step 3: you’re now using him to his max potential


Mehaten is to weak in this meta why would you even want to fly his weak warrior butt?

Is he that bad, I still haven’t got him so

Hauheset and apophet are much better choices in sapphire tier.


He’s better for the perch :woman_facepalming:t2:

He is the Cinderella of that set of kids, except no ball or fairy godmother and he gets shoved on a perch for people to shoot at. Meanwhile Hau is ruling the world and Apop is ruling the land of Sapphire and Garnet


I literally just get mehathen for perch he max out from sitting there


I remember doing my first XP run with him, and he struggled to make it to 100%. He struggled to make a minimum of 80%. That’s my experience, though; yours may be completely different. I will add that you do not need Mehaten for breeding, but if you are going to breed him for the purpose of defense, then yes, get him.

Edit: note that this was on my invader base.

I thought iStefa or Lightforc3 had a video on how to fly Mehaten but can’t seem to find it. This one does not have the best warrior flying but you get a feel for the spells. Pay special attention to the lack of damage output on undefended farms.

Current tower health is larger on average than before and dps has also increased but ice flaks are the greatest threat. Mehaten has no way to eliminate them prior to a supershot nor any way to quickly recover health after soaking up damage while disabled.


If you want examples I can attack you a few times with him and you can watch the recordings or defend if you want. If so tell me if you wanna see no gear/rider, bad gear/rider, or good gear/rider

Why do people like hauheset so much? He’s not bad but not great either.

Ok, mehaten belong to da perches

Uhh because he can wipe bases wayyy above tier?

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Dang straight :rofl::rofl::rofl:

His in - flight model looks beautiful, too bad his tail is crumpled up in the den. Also the spells mixing with his passive is also really cool. But I’m not happy about the leftover farms.

Audible blink.

Jokes aside Hauheset is probably one of the best designed dragons in the game. Useful at tier. Relevant past it if you are an exceptional flier. I am in eldritch tier and still bust it out at times. He rewards exceptional play and it’s a good thing he exists

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(1) Hauheset is a She.
(2) Go and find some videos of Hauheset, she’s amazing.

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