MENTORSHIP; An idea to strengthen team loyalty and flying skills

We’ve all had mentors, teachers who have inspired and taught us. This idea is meant to formally initiate something similar in War Dragons. I remember, when I first joined my present team, about a year ago, my best dragon was AMAROK (remember him). I was in love. This was for months the most powerful dragon in my roster. Then my team leader winged me for the first time in a war attack. He used WHALEGNAWER. WOW! We flew together a couple of times that day, farming for food and for wood and he gave me detailed instruction on how to solo some of the more difficult farms. When I didn’t make it, WHALEGNAWER cleaned up. I got this idea. Wouldn’t it be great, I asked him, if there were something like “Rent-A-Dragon”, where young players like myself could fly a dragon, like a preview, like “coming attractions” for a few days to learn? The team leader was going on a vacation and asked if I’d like to fly his account and use WHALEGNAWER for a while? He didn’t have to ask twice. When he came back, he used an alt account to fly with me and give me some pointers. This solidified my love of not only the game itself, but my team. I’ve been there ever since. This team IS the game for me because of this mentorship relationship. My loyalty is now unwavering!
So here’s the idea: A team leader picks a young recruit who’s demonstrated loyalty and trustworthiness, and there is a structure in place to LOAN A DRAGON to the young player for a given amount of time, for 48 hours, for the length of an event, for a week even and in that time, the leader (perhaps even the officers……a “flight school officer”?) schools the Mentee in flight skills using that advanced dragon.
The advantages are myriad: the team and the team leader encourage all-important trust and loyalty among the lower level players. The mentee gets to use a dragon he couldn’t get otherwise. The mentee gets first-hand instruction in first-class flying techniques and base conquest. Team-work and strategy are creatively strengthened on a one-on-one basis……among others.
WHADDAYA think? Is this doable??

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This sounds highly abusable lol and a way to circumvent people needing to get the dragons themselves. Plus if you are only renting to young players, what about the old ones? Doesn’t seem fair to discriminate based on age.


Sorry to say but this has been brought up before and concluded that as a lower level player you shouldn’t get to fly top tier dragons for free so easily. This will prevent the purpose of backup and teamwork because everyone in the team will fly Destar at once during war


LOL. Young refers to level, not to chronological age. Sorry. Could have made that clearer.

Perhaps you misread…perhaps I could have made this clearer. I’m not referring to “everyone” at all. This is something special that only the team leader decides. It’s to be used as one-on-one instruction. There could be a restriction on using it in war, if the community deems it unfair. Either way, getting to fly a “future-Dragon” is something everyone wants. Here’s a way to make such future dragons obtainable to members in a new way. Seems like a win-win to me.
Just because it’s been put forth before does not mean that the idea doesn’t have merit or shouldn’t be re-considered.

Were you not excited to work towards breeding Whale? That’s the point. I don’t think it’d be a good thing to allow members to fly a cool dragon just to have it ripped away. Fly with each other if you want to see a dragon - that’s what my team does.

I just don’t see a purpose for this suggestion sorry.


All well and good. Until someone gets to keep using it for a specific war. Or how about the potential negative effect of the leader playing favorites on who he/she lends the dragon to.

Oh Yeah! I was!! And that excitement was intensified by actually flying him!!!

That IS the purpose for this suggestion!!!

Even if I liked the concept behind the idea (which as a leader I don’t) I still think that this would have more negative morale effects than positive. Add on top of this the security holes it would open for such an unnecessary action.

If that’s the concern then PG puts programming into place to make that impossible.

Good point…but that’s what it’s about: “Playing Favorites” is mentorship…a special teaching relationship. Something to work towards as a new team member. “Playing Favorites” happens in the sending of resources as well. Not everyone gets the same amount. You send resources to those you like, those you have a relationship with, or those you feel need it the most. This idea would actually be formalizing “Playing Favorites” into a viable learning mechanism. Helped me a lot and made this particular team IRRESISTABLE. Many have been complaining recently about lack of loyalty…this might be a solution.

Except more than one person can send resources.

So you’re sayin flying and watching the dragon was awesome for you. That’s someone we can agree on is a good motivator.

Lol this isn’t the solution to a lack of loyalty.

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Just work for what u want! Dream dragons…are flown once u achieve it. Getting to fly it earlier just ruins the point of that.i

Sharing accounts is exactly this lol. The leader chooses who to give his/ her account to and they can “borrow,” the Hauheset😂

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Well, you’re definitely more experienced than I am. So I bow to your advanced level. Any modifications you can think of from your perspective as leader to enhance the idea and allay your legitimate fears on security???

You think? Didn’t for me. Watching a dragon being flown and actually flying it are two different experiences. Even after you actually get the dragon. It usually takes a couple of levels before the dragon comes into his own anyway. If you’ve flown it already, and not just watched it, you’ve got a leg up and accelerate the learning curve. At least for me, this was the case. When I finally got WHALE it was like a deja vu. A definitely positive feeling!

Getting the dragon also accelerates the learning curve.

Sorry, again, no. This has been discussed before and there are too many possible loopholes/exploits.

And “loaning” a dragon to someone, ok, what level is the dragon being loaned? Level 1? 99% of the dragons suck at level 1. Expert? Then when you finally get that dragon, at level 1, you’re discouraged because it sucks at level 1.

I prefer to encourage players to use a breeding path, and when they get that OMG awesome dragon, I’ll take them on some runs and give them pointers on how to fly. They end up appreciating the dragons they actually HAVE versus drooling over something that they may be months away from acquiring.

And I’m not so sure I’d be openly admitting to having shared accounts, on a public forum, in a game where it has ALWAYS violated the terms of service, but again, that’s just me :man_shrugging:


I didn’t even notice that :joy:


Hold up, you see the loopholes and possible exploits in sharing sigils, but not in this? :thinking:

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smh smh