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So trying to do the merge calculator for the first time, I am not sure I am doing it correctly. So, what I am trying to figure out is if there is a set amount of fire turrets I can make to level an ice turret on its shard levels. I have been just building level 50 whatever fire turrets for the previous levels as needed, but now I am thinking there is a more cost effective merge option. So for example, I plugged in some towers and it looks like 5 level 25 fire turrets would level my ice turret from 132-133, but is that the best option? It looks like the calculator you have to sit there and keep plugging in numbers until you find the best option?

You can try the Resource Transformation Assistant portion, but it really doesn’t do what you want it to do. It can however give you a clue on where you can start. For example, here is the base option to level an ice turret from 132 to 135 using fire shards to save timers. You must set it to max 6 towers as you can only build 6 fire turrets at at time.

So this would cost you the 27k ice shards to get to 133 plus what it says here. You can take this though as a starting point for the merge calculator. Assume level 28 towers and you get this.

Now tweak the numbers up or down to get the numbers you want. For example:

Otherwise yes, you just have to keep plugging in numbers and see what comes out.


As Zami said; this tool nor mine do that. What you’re wanting is the product of optimisation functions. That is a time consuming process to build be it either manually or via code. I haven’t published anything along these lines nor have I seen Morr yet.

One of the chief setbacks is in the words you said yourself; is it the best? Best can mean least timers, least premium resources, least number of individual tower levels, least number of towers, etc. this is all computational complexity that can exponentially increases the number of different scenarios the builder of the tool has to make the tool capable of computing for you. Trial and error is your best way to solve niche needs for now until someone does the bulk computational work and releases it to the community.

Actually the resource transformation assistant tries to do this kind of optimizing, but I did not build an option for shard-to-shard conversion, mostly because I believe turrets are at this point a waste of space and resources.


I see a lot of people mentioning level 25 turrets, but I was curious as to if there was a set number needed that someone knew. I just want to not have to do the shard levels, the turrets can be built in between fort events so saving timers doesn’t matter

1 lv 25 turret for 1 lumber level.


You can build level 25 turrets in between fort events……like let them build without speeding up. And how does one level 25 turret do one wood level on big towers? That doesn’t seem right

Yes, but wasting event point, although a few won’t hurt.

Try it and see :upside_down_face:
Also, wood is valued 0 on merge.


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