Merge Optimization Questions

Hi guys,

With this fort I accidentally dropped myself into a 12mm xp black hole after merging 5 level 75 towers into some 120+ towers.

Until today I didn’t realize that tower XP goes up every level until level 53 and it caps out here at 106,000 all the way to 130.

It seemms the most efficient way to dig myself out of the hole is to build a few towers to 75. Otherwise ill need to upgrade max towers 120 times… lolz.

So I just wanted to check what is the most efficient way to merge? I.e. Merge 4x Level 75 towers into a level X wood tower or a level Y flak tower or a level Z Bar tower.

I couldn’t find a merge calculator via search so apologies in advance if I have missed the resource!

Or more simply is merge only good in certain ranges on certain situations?

And lastly it seems odd that the fastest way to level up is to spam build level 1-75 towers. I wonder why XP does not change the higher they go?

Wd neon has a good calculator for merging. It’s helped me plan out some merges of my own



Awesome thanks heaps @RuRuRuntsfam and @Zamirathe !

And also thanks @Morreion for creating Neon WDs.


Happy I could help :blush:

Wow that calculator makes me wanna triple face palm myself I wasted so many timers and XP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:rofl: I hear ya. The amount of rss wasted before still haunts me.


Why would you want to lower your level?
Just keep building alot of max tower and maintain low level. Lol.

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