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Howdy dragon masters! Can someone explain the saved and sacrificed comparison in this picture. Is this not a wise thing to do? Does it cost me more doing it that way? Thanks!

Sacrificed means what you spent to level up the tower that you’re merging into another; saved is the timers you no longer have to use to level up the remaining tower

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Use the resource transformation assistant one tab over if you want to merge to save timers would be my suggestion. Will also have less of an exp loss that way too

Thanks. What I’m confused on is I save 160 days but it cost me 176…… so is this not a sustainable way to go about leveling I guess is what I’m asking. Or maybe I’m looking at this wrong.

If you save 160 days and use 176 then you’re wasting 16 days the way you’re doing it, there’s ways to save timers but you usually end up using shards or embers or whatever to save timers

So if I don’t have shards and only wood there is no benefit to merge? Thanks for your time.

Some good merges -

Level 25 ice / fire turret into any wood level on a bar or ember tower. Better at higher levels.

For example L25 ice turret merged into L149 Dark flak you will save 25 days in timers (after discounts) and you will get a L150 dark flak.

Any flak tower or bar tower into a wood tower. Good way to level some lightning or mage towers for cheap. But only worthwhile if you are drowning in bars or embers otherwise could be considered a waste of premium RSS.

Wood towers into wood. Or bar into bar or ember into ember.

These seem like bad merges because they create XP hole. But this can be a good way to earn lots of fort points because you can churn tonnes of RSS for small timer usage.

Essentially what happens is you get 4.7mm xp for a tower to 85. (Approx xp) When you merge a tower it looks like a big XP hole because you front loaded the benefit of the XP.

Remember every tower level awards 106,000 xp past L54. This XP never goes up. L54 tower to L55 is the same XP as 149 to 150.

If you make lots of towers to 85 then you may want to merge them when you want to block your level for a while. Going up level too fast means you limit your easy atlas targets. I blocked myself at 670 with a 90mm xp hole. But its not really a hole you just already received the benefit of the levels in advance. Kinda robbing Peter to pay Paul. Eventually you need to equalize the XP and you do that with the merge.

But still this method is a good way to go up level fast and get huge fort scores. But one day you gotta equalize that XP because you got it in advance.

( note : bar to bar , ember to ember or ember to bar will generally save lots of timers at the expense of premium building RSS. So only do this if you need timers more than premium bulidng materials )


Thank you a million for the long and detailed explanation. I needed this and feel better about merge now! Best of luck to ya!

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