Merge request yay

Plat 2
Looking for team to merge into us.

Time Zone:Any
Played time:Experienced and know Atlas
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:
Sure if you need!

Good morning y’all! We are DragsIt, we have a solid core of players that know atlas and aim for 5/5 and 8/8 in events! We own 7 castles and we are looking for a team to merge into us. We are a Plat 2 team and have an amazing leader who organizes raids in atlas and prime assignments.Please reach out to me for details. Thinking we can offer 15-20 spots, happy flying!

Come merge with us s0nsofanarchy

Msg me in game vala or line Vala_nj if you wanna talk more

I don’t know how many players you have to merge. But if you’d rather go up then stay at your level you are welcome to contact me at JDMSociety. We’re Diamond team. Atlas is crucial. Maybe we can work something out. If youre interested. Get ahold of me.

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Thanks, I think many are scared to jump up there and wouldn’t last. Appreciate the offer!

Adapt and … YOLO!

LMAO love the reply!

Would you consider margining into us? GloryFlames

We are a team that get 8/8 and 5/5 every event. We bounce between Sapphire and P1

I will ask others! I joined a shap 2 team not long ago!

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