Merge to max kill isle

So… with merging comes new options… ive got a kill isle with two mages and three flaks. Im level 214 and my flaks are level 47 and my mages 49. My level max is 52. On my second island i have a few towers (mages) that are level 41. Also a fire turret in the thirties… would i be better off merging these towers into my kill isle flaks? It would make my second island worth nothing at all… but i really dont see it very usefull at the moment anyways… what yer thoughts?

Theoretically, very worth it. I’d do it in a heartbeat…but I’d check the XP deficit that merging would cost you first. Going up levels are very important at your level and it’d be better in the long run if you merged towers later, if that’s an issue you’ll face.

Also, while you’re deciding, get your elite/mythic defensive gear maxed. It can help a lot if you’re underlevelled on your kill. :slight_smile:


No need to rush things :blush:

Especially since you’ll need more capped towers as you get higher.

For a start, check whether you have enough towers for each checkpoint :wink:

I’d be very careful merging wood towers into flaks, as you risk a greater xp deficit. Merge the turret into a flak if it’s big enough to get you levels, but I wouldn’t rush to do the mages unless they make the turret merger a much better deal.

(Flaks are funny: odd-numbered levels cost much more than even numbered, so the number of donor towers you need to burn to get a flak level jumps up and down.)

The mages will eventually be useful, and you’ll actually need more than five towers as you start getting toward and into the 300s, sooner the more you build ahead of your breeding. But mostly, i think you just get better deals transforming like to like, and have to be really careful of losing a ton of xp merging wood towers into ember towers.

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