Merge towards us

post closed . I found what I need `

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Any
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Not significant
Dragon Roster Includes: not significant
Highest Lineage Dragon:


Did you get your merge. If not, we may need to talk.

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How many people are you wanting to merge?

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Still didn’t get . Plz mail me or add me in line Rahul1262

Around10 member


Lv 60+ preferable. But doesn’t matter if 1/2 people are low lv

Your point is not clear. Here are the options from what I understand you are saying:

Option 1 : Do you want to take 10 team members and merge into a better team?

Option 2 : Do you want 10 players from another team to merge into your team?

Please say which option is it that you are looking for so others may get clear picture before approaching you.

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Please see the title ---- merge towards us

Nah, it’s slightly confusing if it’s not following the format :sweat_smile:.
Better use LFM - … - 10 players

it’s not 10 but around 10 .

Add me in line Rahul1262

We can take all 10 people in our team. You can message me - team is EvilTwins. I’m first name on the list.

??? Merge towards us .

See its confusing. Towards is confusing there.

I believe he is a “non-English” speaker like me. Might be lost in translation. Im guessing Rahul is from India.

Hey Rahul , long time …not really , don’t really care that much

do a wood recruit if you only need 10 players

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Hi leader . How are you today ?? Long has been long since I see you

I don’t know but how you are confusing ? It’s clear that merge must be towards us . Anyway I will be more careful about my language in future .

To add some clarity to this - the OP is looking for a group of 10 people or so (maybe a few more, maybe a couple less) to join his current team.

Seems pretty simple to me, but I guess I can see some ambiguity.

Good luck all :beers:

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