Merge vs transform

So I am debating about changing my base a bit. And I would like to understand a bit better if I have this correct.

For an example say I have a Fire Flak at level 72 and want it to be a lightning tower.
I can transform it.
Neon war dragons says this will give me a level 71 tower and set me backwards on xp by 101719.

However I could build a lightning tower to level 10, then merge a level 72 tower into it getting a level 72 lighnting tower with only a 1169 xp deficit.

Am I reading this right? If so why would anyone ever transform a tower instead of building what they want and just merging instead.


XP deficit actually worked great for me. I had a terrible base built with bunch of ballistas till 8th island and poorly selected, placed and upgraded towers. And then came the merge/transform release. I had to do some radical transformations/merging that piled up the xp required to level up 400k for level 84, but that allowed me to take level up my towers to the max before I could move forward. Looking back from level 225, it looks good now.

Point here, xp deficit might not work at high level players, but it’s a boon for low level players to overcome the early mistakes


There are some combos that have 0 xp deficit when you transform

Also, I wouldn’t recommend transforming a flak into a lightning personally - too many wasted embers

Edit: Also don’t recommend massive xp deficits if someone is still growing


The simple answer to this is that transformation is more simple. You get what you want as soon as you want it. Merging on the other hand gives you the ability to make this transformation more efficient by combining more than one tower to reduce xp or value loss. A situation you well discovered in the above example.

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Lv 117 Flak to Archer/Cannon is one of them

Edit: Before anyone states the obvious; yes, I know this is a horrible transformation. It’s an example not a suggestion.


Pfff :rofl:
Turrets to lightnings :heart:


No problems i figured as such, i dont want to waste the embers either. Especially as I will probably want the tower later on.

Just looking through options. I dont have turrets to work with so no point there ( even though I have close to 100000 of each shard). Will probably just build from the ground up.

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How about merging DP into CO when it will be available in future?

No idea yet if that will be a good idea, will depend a lot on the value assigned to cosmic charges in the transformation formulas.


Unless it changes prior to the final transformation /merge function being turned on for Cosmic Orrery, the value is 2543.35.




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