Merging Incomplete Riders

I am writing to ask that each of you consider…Adding the ability to merge incomplete riders together to form a fully functional one.

Almost all of us have riders we started with but weren’t able to complete. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make good use of them?

Please respond with your interest as developers consider this request.

I doubt that would happen so some riders are definitely useless but they can still use gear. The best thing you can do is get some of that unused gear on the rider. I only level up elite gear so I have tons of legendary pieces that are level 1 and 2. These are the riders you can use on low level dragons during Temple Raid and Dungeons.

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you still keep legs? :flushed:

Which riders are you referring to?

Are you aware that all Atlas acquired riders (except for Adriak and Adriel) can be levelled up using the blue shards you get from Atlas rewards at any time? The others use purple shards which are no longer available.

For main game season riders, yeah, I can see why you may want this. I feel it is a similar request to asking for rainbow stones for past dragons, though. The point of these riders is focussed largely around their limited availability.

Maybe an opportunity to trade in unfinished seasonal riders for blue Atlas rider shards?

For example I have Tanok at level 1 and Suresh at level 28.

500 Blue shards to hire an Atlas rider, 50 levels per rider. 10 blue shards per level.

Obviously it won’t be 1:1 as it’s a trade, so maybe a 30% cost, so for each level of a seasonal rider you get 7 blue atlas shards.

So my riders would be worth 29x7 = 203 blue shards.


In the absence of another mechanism to allow newer* players to catch up with Atlas riders, yeah, I suppose so. I feel like a miser saying it but I just don’t like the chances of that occurring.

Edit: Clarification of “newer” to mean newer to Atlas. Clearly, this mechanism does nothing to help newer main game players as they likely won’t have many of either riders yet.


Sorry , I was speaking of the main riders. Thankyou for clarifying.

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