Merging to lower xp gain

How would i go about doing this. Building ice turrets and then merging into my towers?

You can’t lower your xp by building things and then merging them.

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You do it to save timers.
It appears you have heard of the build a turret to level 25 the merge to your high level towers.

This works only when the large tower is on a wood upgrade. The merge loses you 5501xp but you actually even that out when you build the turret. Hence why there is no XP hole

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Ahh ok i see. Wanted to be in an xp hole to level out my lower towers. I’m assuming it’s bad to be in one. Got it time to blow ice and fire shards. Thanks for the help

You can´t lower your XP and you won´t lose your current level if you merge towers, but I merge towers regularly to avoid levelling to fast during a fortification event. I would not use towers that use shards, though as you need up to 30k per level later on. I use towers that only use lumber.^^

When you merge towers any xp cost is xp you have already made in levelling the tower/s you merge, so the ‘hole’ is not going to make you go backwards, it just slow you going forwards more

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