Mermaid and roar

I think it would be super awesome if one season we had a mermaid in the water instead of the whale. Also, it would be really cool if we could actually hear the roar of the dragons!

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That would be a ridiculously large mermaid, surely?

Hallowe’en gave us a skeletal whale - loved that - thanks PG!


OrcaFrost will be angry if you take her whale away. Just saying


Or a mermaid dragon


ooh I love that :slight_smile:

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Yes we definitely need that. Maybe be greedy and say as well as the whale

Lol, that might be a bit to detailed for the size the whales are. Love the idea of different whales for different times. Sorry @OrcaFrost

:sweat_smile: PG has removed the orca anyway…
@Zazrak. That dragon is so lovely :heart_eyes: Wonder if PGKharnyx will take a look and make it a seasonal dragon.

they did? :frowning:
Sorry, I haven’t summoned it for a while.

Orcas were for the winter base theme. No more orcas…

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Don’t give them any ideas!!

Surely now this will be the next half off dragon Kirins sister coming in the last 2 weeks of the season :pensive:

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