Merry christmas! Soon

Merry soon to be Christmas from the South!!
What’s everyone doing this year… anything exciting or fun!!
I’m a total Christmas nut every year!! Like the term Extra doesnt even begin to describe my christmas shenanigans that normally start in September and End in January… :eyes:

This year My wife and I are doing a Christmas Carnival for adults…the kids get to watch… finally something for us Big kids…
Normally we do games and Dirty Santa exchanges, Live Auctions etc… but trying something different this year… as the immediate family is like 100 people now and that’s just the closest relatives… ohh…lort… imma have to cater this thing I think…:yum:
Anyone else got any fun plans…

Beats the hell outta griping about the same issues errrrr’day!!
Whatcha got?


eat like a m*^&^% F&%& and get fat!

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I do that the other 360+ days a year… :joy:

it’s more about the New Year’s for me and the country I’m currently at :slight_smile: but I still love Christmas. Planning to start on decorating the yard with illumination in early December and the tree at home around 5 days prior to Christmas. Decorating is one of my fave parts of holidays :hugs:

Looking forward to Jared’s gingerbread too :smile:
I love gingerbread but never made it myself although I enjoy baking.

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Hahaha… one of the carnival games were doing is gingerbread smash… like wack a mole… but with ginger bread lol… more of a destructive holiday game but lol…

Omg 5 days before xmas… I’d have a heart attack I’m sure… lol

Go into lockdown and not emerge until the frenzy is over :joy::joy::joy: jks

Seriously - am a new Aunty so spending with my sister and bub and feasting - roast lamb and pudding to follow!!! :drooling_face:

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Awesome congrats!!!

Mmm lamb :grin:

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You know, when I was a kid, I used to spend holidays with grandparents and they usually were decorating like one day before :smile: not to forget that cooking a dozen of major dishes would take 1 to 2 days with all preparations. THAT was a real challenge :grin:

Last 3 years I’ve been spending Christmas on a concert and an afterparty which was amazing :heart:
But this year it’s like old good days with a family and neighbors.


We totally still do that stuff… those southern traditions just wont die down here lol!!

The Christmas tree is up but not decorated yet. Gonna make a trip to Home Depot tomorrow to get those lil lights to replace the burnt ones.

And then we’re going to load it up with 8 years worth of ornaments. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


:star_struck: well safe travels and enjoy that tree!!

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