Mhytic for a lv.50 player

Honeslty speaking, is it likely that a player like me, about level 50, can obtain a mythic dragon without buying anything form the store?
Or you are a better player than me and you already know that is not likely at all?

Thank you!

It all depends on your hoarding ability with chests and rubies. Then your team activity and league. Third, the planning for the season to do well each and every event.

Yes, of course you have to join the game for every event;
my team is very active and we are a gold League;
I tend to collect chests and i have some spare rubies.
Will this increase the chances of me getting it or meh?

Is it possible? Yes. But you would need to play in such an inefficient way to actually get one. You would need an absurd amount of resources saved to make it work. That or you would need to have a very very high performing team carry you for a season.

You would need to save an exorbitant amount of gold chests for the discounts and rubies for sigil chests or gold chests throughout the season. In order to get that without spending you would need to save up everything for at least two seasons at that level, slowing your growth dramatically


Yes, but no.

Every event is 400+ sigil prize, not easy for lower levels.

Very active team gets top team achievement and top team quests each event.

Chest hoard is thousands of bronze and hundreds of gold. Say 3000 bronze, 400 gold.

Rubies stash is over 100k

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To be completely honest, unless you are an incredible grinder I would think it very unlikely without spending. I’m sure someone will reply to help math it out, but you’re probably looking at, at a minimum, the 450 sigil achievement every event (and probably more in some), the team 300 sigil level (and some 1,200 would help), top of the league team placements, and hours a day spent running chest bases. And even then I’d only give you a 50-50 chance.


There are several other threads on the forums about this that you can check out, but the essence of it is this:

  • It IS absolutely possible
  • It would be very difficult for you to do so
  • If you don’t want to spend a considerable sum of money for one (or you’re not in a higher league), you will probably need to save resources for at least one season in order to get a mythic
  • It would probably be better for you to focus your resources on progression than on trying to get the mythic this season

Exactly this…unless you’re an insane WD junkie.


I see your point. I tryied to check for posts like this but i couldn’t find anything so Im sorry if i asked it again. :frowning:
I think I might follow you advice, just getting one good dragon this season without wasting too many resources in order to gain some Golden chests. That way ill get one Mythic in about a couple of season, but I’ll see…

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Defenitely not ahahah

Oh, don’t worry about it. Especially for newer players, it’s okay if you haven’t seen posts about saving for a mythic. I’ll link you a few below.

But yeah, for now, focus on leveling up well (If you haven’t already, check out Mech’s/Kate’s fortification planner!), breeding well (If you haven’t already, check out Red’s breeding guide!) and just generally learning the game. I’d shoot for your first mythic sometime between level 100 and 200, if you play and save (or spend) carefully, but you can get by perfectly well with legendary divines for quite some time.


Oh thank you so much! Didn’t see that but ill get a loo at them. I knew about red’s guide but i need better dragons that the one I have, so im gonna wait and see.
For now ill just read some advice and save for the next events.

Last question. do you know any site where dragons are reviewed? I just wanna have a general idea on what to go for first (discounted dragons are not always the best option i heard…).

They are rarely the best dragons (although this season’s discount looks pretty good), but it’s worth getting as far as you can on their lines in the discount week anyway most of the time, if only for all the other half-off prizes it gives you. Once the discount is over, it’s best to hold off and re-evaluate all the options, ideally also the second wave, before fully commiting.


There are several good sites that have info on dragons. I personally recommend

For reviews of which divine dragons you should get, though, the forums are usually a good place to look. And of course, you can always open a thread asking which dragon people think is best - someone usually does within the first few weeks of the season, and the people who get them day 1 start offering opinions.

As Morreion said, though, you pretty much always want to go for the discount dragon, at least during the discount period, because of all the cheap goodies you can find there. And for when you go for a mythic, one of the big points is “get the entire discount dragon during the discount period.”

Edit: This is a little broader info, and not specifically about dragons, but you may also find useful.

For dragon data, is very good because it has spell details as well (still totally need to steal that…).

But it can be hard to judge a dragon just by it’s spells, especially as a relatively new player. The forums are generally the best place for discussions on which dragon is best, and some people like @Shivenzo make videos showing how the dragons work, which can help to see if you’ll like them or not.

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Sometimes Festive is the best legendary drags of the season :wink:


Can u specifically explain growth. I do base boost and timers and grow really well while hoarding.

Although if someone is aiming to grab a mythic dragon, the festive won’t help them in that quest! (As festive dragons don’t have keys in their line…)


My alt’s first season was the Duskfall season. I think I started it at the beginning but I don’t remember, I know it was created around October 10 of 2018 (so it’s possible) and I was only able to complete the Cavaleris branch.

I remember starting the Winter season between level 50-60 and I completed the discount (Gunnar,) the Token branch, the first page of the defensive rider (Bjorn) while the 2nd page was still useless garbage gear (before season mythic keys) and the Festive (Skoll & Hati.) If I was a little more focused, I may have been able to grab a mythic but it wouldn’t have been smart for my account to shoot for it at that point.

Since then I’ve been able to grab a Mythic each season this year, but only without spending at all during this Fall season that’s just finishing up - I don’t expect to repeat that performance this Winter. I’ll be saving on that account instead to pick one up during the Spring. My alt is now 339, and was in S3 for most of the season - it’s still a major grind to grab a mythic each season.

I would follow @Aeana ‘s leads, the culmination of knowledge/experience given from other F2P players, and the rest of the advice given here as well. The Discount, Token, and Base boost branch will help to build your account quickly. Finding a good team that can complete quests/team prizes/place well - especially in upper leagues as you grow, and scoring well yourself for individual prizes will eventually put you in the position to earn Mythics F2P (E2P is the way to go, Elite is pretty much necessity)

Good luck!

Think it’s a bit split here.

If one can’t open enough chests to finish discount branch on time, it’s very unlikely that (s)he can get a mythic on the season.

Even so, if (s)he urged to get a mythic somehow, the best option will be finish the discount branch before stopping (the rss there will help a little).

Therefore, IMO, if one cannot finish it on time, might be better to switch plan (“saving up” for next season) instead of stubbornly thinking that it’s possible to get the mythic.

As switching plan means not getting any mythic, waiting for festive is more reasonable I think.

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