Mid Long Kill Island Development - Update

Hello all, I’ve switched over to long mid island as my kills island during this fort event.


  1. Sooner or later I will have to switch over to Long Island as my kill island
  2. using back Long Island will force me to have farms and mills on 1st short island or force me to compromise 4 towers to keep farms and mills on the back long island.
  3. I want to max Howie and DF kill potential. If both Howie and DF are on same island, it will be much harder for people to fly without dying to either or.


Front Section - Blue Mage, Red Mage, Dark Flak, Ice Flak, Cosmic
Back Section - Howie, Plylon, Cosmic, Ice Turret, Red Mage

Development before RSS for Cosmic
Front Section - Blue Mage, Red Mage, Dark Flak, Ice Flak, Earth Flak or Storm ( I don’t want to try to keep up with 3 flak at my level )
Back Section - Howie, Plylon, Storm, Ice Turret, Red Mage

Additional thoughts:

  1. I could also swap Ice Turret out for an Ice Flak in back section.
  2. I could swap front section Ice Flak out for Fire Flak and move front section Ice Flak to back section to replace Ice Turret
  3. I have Mythic rune for Ice Turret, so I don’t want to get rid of Ice Turret.
  4. The 5 mage towers before mid Long Island is designed for defender to super shot back 2 blue mage tower for 4 rage drain.

Key To Success:

  1. Always maxed front section of island when new towers level is unlocked
  2. 5 maxed level towers is better than 10 high level towers

Thank you everyone who responded to my last post.

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I would suggest farms at the front and kill island remain at 1 and 2 until you are able to further build out… right now, your 70% is likely too close to give you any time to kill in atlas before being countered or it will just hurt your team in PvP’s like Gauntlet…

Effectiveness is important, yes, but you should build your base to have a late 70% and never assume that you will be able to shoot down who is hitting you…make them take time to get to 70%


One of my higher lvl teammates also pointed this out to me as well

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I just moved the mill and farm to back. As it right now, if hitter finish mid long island, it will be at 65% … In order for them to get 70% they will have to fly all the way to island island 1 and kill farms/mills

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