Mid-Year 2021 - Community Ideas for Improvements

Hello all!

Much like we did in December, we are re-asking this question to see what improvements you’d like to see made in War Dragons - we are currently planning our next couple of quarters worth of engineering, feature, and event work. Just like last time, if someone has an idea that you like - favorite or like the post and we will go through the ideas next Friday and see what the Top 10 are – then we will vote on those via poll the following week.

See the final 10: Top 10 Community Ideas for 2021 Second Half

Keep it civil, be respectful, this will be a no-nonsense thread – serious answers only :slight_smile:

As a reminder - the best suggestions take this format:

  • X is happening
  • X is causing Y
  • Z might help solve X and therefore stop Y from happening.


  • Prices on citrus exports is very high
  • The high price of citrus fruits is causing people to not be able to afford them, and cases of scurvy are rising as a result, which is bad because scurvy is a major health concern.
  • If we find a way to cut costs of citrus, we may be able to get citrus to be affordable again - we can stop scurvy cases from rising.

Temple raid update.

What sort of updates are you looking for - more information, the better.


Honestly, I’d love to see the $10 atlas elite return. Even if it is only temporary it was nice to have and made it easier to justify lol


The raid feature that was meant to be implemented by first quarter. Was this forgotten about?

Reduce Temple Raid Guardian Grind by Raid Button/Auto Resolve - We are actively working on this now – and it is part of our Q1 Initiatives (our current quarter) – hopefully we can get this implemented by the beginning of April.”


Full farmers/hats notification.

  • Players are forgetful and don’t like to set reminders to train troops.

  • That is causing players to not have as many troops and not be as active indirectly.

  • A notification would promote activity (getting on) as well as atlas activity (kills and such)


An update and any plans PG has regarding this:


But before you do this, even out the points across the leagues, or scale the points from guardians

Temple raid event should be fully removed. Event is absolutely meaningless - 0 competition only boring grinding whole day. Hate game because of this event.

crystal coves is good step in right direction - you need skills to run 10 dragons and more or less this is competition.

You should remove grinding from pvp events and make them more competitive. This is not WoW and peeps wanna have fun and challenge not boring grinding.

Make pvp events more competitive and less boring… more like crystal coves and less like temple raids


It is done - we just have to release it - the PLAN is that it will be implemented by next Temple Raid (of course, things may change).


We probably can’t comment specifically on these efforts, but you all have benefitted from this already (for example: our season prices didn’t rise this time).


So it is planned to be released in 3/4 weeks if all goes well? (Sorry, mistyped. Raid isn’t after breeding is it?)

Break mega alliances in atlas and find new ways of conflict :eyes:


Atlas Sieges and Shrines

  • Problem: The trap time per troop of trappers gets worse as you level up the tiers.

  • Effect: To get a decent trap time, players have to either use a low tier trapper (e.g. bronze), or load up a crazy number of troops.

  • Solution: Have a minimum number of troops for the trap to work (e.g. 2k), but then scale the trap time with the level+tier of the trapper, not the number of troops loaded.


Revamp the pvp events
Tired of spending hours grinding points.
It’s choresome and not competitive

In atlas
What happened to Crusades?

Mega alliances, meat shields causing stagnancy , give me good news that you guys are aware of this and are trying to do something about it.
We never hear any comments for this problem.



I wondering if this could be developed into altas neutral zone. A castle wall of remembrance for players that are sadly no longer with us.
On syn3rgy this week we lost a good friend kassie. She was a amazing kind supportive player and everyone mama. N o question was stupid with kassie and replies where always kind.
I think we have all been on other teams that have also lost members as well.
I’m not asking for accounts to be kept open because that impossible. But a wall or castle graphic where their game name can be remember.
Kassie loved this game with a passion that made everyone enjoy playing. Everyone in this team is missing her and all the other teams that she played for in the past.
All I’m asking is that as a community we could have a castle graphic or wall where every team that has lost a player in this way can see their game name live on.

Respectfully yours


Problem: The day before PvP starts, during treasure hunt. This is an extremely boring day with no real reason to be on.

It’s boring because there is no atlas to attack in and no event to attack in.

Potential change: actually make the treasure hunt period a treasure hunt. Increase drop rates. Add challenges for chests or prizes.

Challenge example: Defeat (70%) a base 30 lvls above you with a lineage dragon

Edit 1 for clarification:
The challenge example would be separate from PvP. Like breeder missions but harder and better rewards/chests. Just SOMETHING to do while we wait for PvP. I agree with @Heftig (below) that PvP shouldn’t start earlier.


I like this but I would add that I would NOT want to see the solution be starting PVP a day earlier. While this would be ok for certain PVPs the grind heavy or costly ones like CC AND fight Pits would be exhausting to add 20 hours to those events. So sticking to the initial suggestions would be great.