Mid-Year 2021 - Community Ideas for Improvements

Allow for chat moderators to be assigned. This will be exclusively for the team chat and group chats, excluding the League Chat.

  • I think we are all wary of the prevalence of ill-spirited people, both inside and outside of the game. Things can get extremely out of hand in a very quick fashion.
  • Conversations in chats can go south just as quickly as those on the forums. Some in-game conversations contain words that are damaging to the mental health of the person being conversed with.
  • The allowed assignment of team and group chat moderators may help resolve this issue, keeping safe the mental health of players in the game, and ensuring that conversations do not spiral out of control.

I would like to see an option to change ownership of a created chatroom too so like instances where a person made a resource chat left, another could take control.


Sandbagging in main game takes the fun out of PvPs, most notably Temple Raid.

Temple Raid is a non-event for the non-sandbaggers (sandbaggers claim all the supercharges, there is no race for the non-sandbagging teams, just a grind).


  1. remove war as a ranking mechanism for PVPs - have PvP rank solely based on PVP performance, so teams are appropriately grouped for PvP
  2. change Temple Raid race bonus from a winner take all to some sort of scaled bonus based on place. e.g., first gets 100, 2nd 50, 3rd 25, 4th 15, 5th 10, etc. … or simply scale from 100 for first to 0 for last.

Until such time as sandbagging is meaningfully addressed, Temple Raid should be removed from the rotation.

Note - the raid function for Temple Raid will only reward sandbaggers more and exacerbate the problem. Please do not implement unless sandbagging is addressed.


Really needs to be grouped by APR. That would solve a lot of issues. :hugs:

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Allow us the ability to move our perches around, or reduce the dragon-stationing time on them.

  • After stationing a dragon on a perch, you are unable to retract it for a period of 24 hours.
  • This makes it inconvenient when you find yourself needing to remove either the dragon or the rider.
  • Movable perches or dragon stationing-time reduction may help resolve this issue, giving a player more freedom in ability to assign and remove riders and dragons, without running into these predicaments.

MUTE LC BUTTON / HIDE LC BUTTON :stuck_out_tongue:


Apparently this is offensive to suggest :joy:



If by APR you mean Atlas rank, it is not necessarily very well correlated with PvP performance, at least, in lower Plat. My P4 team is middle of the pack in PvP, but has virtually zero Atlas activity. Main game PvP rank should be solely based on main game PvP performance.

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  • Viewing Teammates bases takes too long (3+ clicks and a loading screen for each base), and we can’t check our own without some detour (checking ourselves is important when changing our bases, especially during fort, to ensure that the change is applied).
  • This prevents us to check bases when helping teammates, especially if we need to compare stuff.
  • Have one tab in matchmaking dedicated to team (listing all team member, perhaps with our own pinned at the top)

Problem: Reaching end game is a challenge as much on the breeding side as it is for the timer side. I am currently N-1 and realize a new tier will be coming out shortly meaning I can’t let up on grinding tokens just to try to catch up with dragons, which should take me another season or two to finally reach final tier with everyone else that’s endgame. This means it will probably be a at least 2 more seasons before I can even consider possibly doing research, which is important as well.

Solution: You thankfully recognized the economy issue in regards to timers and responded by adding some branches to regular season that have a decent amount of timers so those in need can choose to do those branches. I think creating the same sort of branch for mystic fragments and tokens would be nice too. It shouldn’t be added as an option to the timer branches because that would just bring back the timer issues as it would force people to decide between the two when they truly need both.


Atlas Rank is based upon a team’s activity within the atlas season. (How well you score in atlas events and monthly kills and all that jazz.)

Atlas Power Rank is determined by Den levels which is more indicative of a team’s overall power and how many high level players/dragons they have in comparison to others. (General explanation).

So grouping people by how potentially powerful they are is more appropriate than main game league ranking which can be manipulated with no consequences.
I highly doubt people would leave teams and make their rosters weaker to work a system as that actually screws them, not helps them; so, it’s a more stable qualifier IMO. :slightly_smiling_face:


An Atlas issue & potential solution.

  • Many attacks in Atlas do not count.

  • This causes player frustration and leads players to not participate in battles, especially when one team or an alliance goes on the offensive.

  • Have a popup between dragon selection and when you start the attack that says “Primarch is already under attack. Do you want to continue? Yes? No?”. The “Yes” & “No” would be buttons to continue or cancel the attack. The popup would only happen if an attack has already been launched and has not been completed yet. It wouldn’t happen if another player was still looking at the base, picking a dragon, and hadn’t launched the attack. This would allow a player the option to continue attacking, say if a Primarch had a lot of troops. I could be wrong, but I also think this would help with general lag issues as the servers would have less attacks to deal with at once.


Interesting distinction. However Atlas Power Rank, if based on den level, would then be completely divorced from activity, which is a much more important indicator of PvP performance, imo. Our P4 team has plenty of higher levels which do much less than lower levels in PvPs.

Again, my proposal is to remove main game rank manipulation by removing war as ranking/tanking tool.

Making troops and gold runs are a waste of time

It is still necessary to do it however boring it is (at least for non elite atlas players)

Create a mechanic for automatically build troops, like a low rate generating which can be increased via “gold injection” for a time proportional to the gold injected with a maximum of some few hours. Elite atlas would see these rates increased


Problem: unbalanced economy from the ever growing state of the game
Solution: increase bronze chest drops from +1 to +2 drops during events
Conclusion: increases game activity in order to obtain more chests/ rss to help better balance the economy and its demands
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Problem: dragon times require to much time to incubate
Solution: allow the incubator to be fed a certain amount of wood to decrease incubation time or even complete the dragons
Conclusion: this will help the economies timer issues especially for forts by removing the deman to use timers on dragons and allow players to use their dragons almost immediately

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Suggestion for the balance and fairness of Assault event.

There are problems in the assault event, which affect the fair playground of community.

  • 1st : People use low level event dragon , as mythics from level 1 to beat stages easier and gain maximum points with, which lineage dragons cant even get close too. For people who dont let there dragon being small, or in reserve, its impossible to keep up. And so the ones with that tactic get all in rankings, for lower effort. After that they can level the mythics or other low saison dragon just from stage to next stage, and win much easier, because of the better movepool and often lower power everywhere. Or they have already many, and let certain ones at a stage, and use different ones from stage to stage. Beside that, having dragons in lineage on low level is a similar problem, because that way they can adapt it with rider differently, where people who have them at expert, never get the chance to comepete in rankings. ( example could be like, low level hauheset vs level 35, or very low level lineages for different tiers)

  • 2nd: Specially in close matches, the dragon research affect points badly. So that people who has them , are in a disadvantage , because there lowest possible dragon is often stronger in power, where people, no matter how hard they try, will loose. That happens for example in red tier, where lowest possible dragon at level 10 without runes or anything, still cant get the points others can get with.

To solve this 2 issues in gaining points, after all that decides who get prizes from global rankings, i would suggest following things.

To solve this fairness problem :

  • Restrict usage to only “expert” dragons.
  • enable or disable the research for dragons for all players for the assault flights.

With the restriction of the usage of only expert dragons people cant just use level 1 mythics or other not expert divine dragons in stages, where linage dragons cant compete with. This would make sure, that people only could use the expert dragons for this tier. Beside that, it would create a fair situation where people couldnt just let a dragon on a tier at low level, and adapt it as it is a advantage for him, with rider or different boosts.

With the enabling or disabling all dragon researchs for this flights, you would make sure that people dont have a disadvantage for having some Atk or HP boosts for there dragons, which increases there power compered to those who hadnt.
After all the assault event is not just to finish 1-6 level per tier… the prizes at the global rankings are the reason, why people use those tricks and advanatges over others, to get everywhere alot, where other people cant even get close to it, no matter how much they struggle, because the baseground wasnt fair from the beginning.

I hope this suggestion will find open ears, because i believe it is one which is not a “extra”, it is necessary for the game philosophy. It is a suggestion for the fairness and in the favor of the community, so that certain few people dont take all, because they loose some loophole others cant.

  • 3rd: The prizes in global lines are that amazing high, that often people are very close or at same point. According to the timezone , one can have a "ideal " score first, the other who just get late the chance later.

  • To solve this , the prizes could be adapted in a way, so if 3 people at top have 1900 for example, that they all should get 1st prize prizes … Like 1. 1. 1. 4. 5. and not 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. as it was.

Or you people of PG adapt those prizes in a way, where for example different stages offers different prizes like global offers too… Where a certain checkpoint of points get you the potrait with the max prizes… depending on tiers , it could be set like … 1850+ get the first class… 1800+ get you the 2nd class… 1750 the 3rd, and so on … Ofc than only the first class would be that potrait of a assault champ… Which need to be discussed with Gameplay Fraction and people who know this stuff.

The reason why i wrote about the 1st and 2nd case apart from the 3rd is, because i believe the first two cases are a must to do , where the 3rd is something people from PG need to look for.

Please look about this, and suggest for priority the 1st and 2nd suggestion to the team, i think it is necessary to have.

Thank you


I feel like I should just buy you a bunch of bubble wrap…. Really you want to sensor TC for the sake of the mental health of your team mates?

I was going to suggest some actual advice to PG but after reading through this thread I give up.


Hm… I think I kind of like the sound of this but am a bit confused by how it would be implemented.

Are you saying to remove a specific troop production limit and just have an “ad nauseum” feature the you can fix a larger amount of gold into, and as long as the gold balance remains troops will continue to be built?

I think that’s what you’re saying but I don’t see how it would be any different. The only difference would arrive if they raised the amount of troops you could build before you had to login. But they could easily do that with their current system, but they choose not to because it wouldn’t be financially viable.

However if you are saying they remove the cap all together and just allow an unlimited amount, this would greatly lower the amount of people who purchase Atlas Elite for everyday. Just sounds like a no-go to me. :upside_down_face:

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X: Mega Alliances

Y: Alliances have become unbalanced to the point that very soon one mega alliance may need to become cannibals or Atlas will become merely a place to swap guards/troops for glory.

Z: Revisit the Seiges aka Crusades idea that was proposed over a year ago (I think). That was a very sound idea for eliminating Mega Alliances and could have saved the life of many Diamond teams that have since disbanded.