MIGRATION of Android - Accounts to IOS


Could you please make it possible to migrate Android-Accounts to IOS.

I have to play on an Android smartphone, although i have a brandnew IPAD Pro. The game is causing major issues in the android version, i experience this every single day and a lot of my recent teammates are telling me the same.

PLEASE, EVERYONE who wants to get his/her account to IOS, give a short statement here, so that PG knows, that there are many players who want to:

MOVE EXISTING ANDROID Accounts to IOS :pray::pray::pray:

@PGJared @pgCampusLifer

Make it possible PG, PLEASE


Another thread regarding this. @pgCampusLifer had said this before due to the data structure of 2 platforms, it would be extremely hard for them to have it switching back and forth


Here’s a pretty long thread on the topic: http://wardragons.pocketgems.com/forum/all-forums/general-discussion/103667-android-ios-please-pg


I would love to bring my account over…my android sucks on this game


They have the only database format in the world it seems that cannot be exported and mapped into a new database apparently. I and many others have asked repeatedly always being told that it isn’t possible. Usually they reference apple proprietary code in the apple sdk but no one in their right mind would want to go from apple to android so this shouldn’t be included in the data exported as android is open source. It should be similar to restoring accounts that were reset or corrupted. I have even offered to pay for the service if that would help motivate them.


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