Mills being emptied even when no lumber stolen?



I have a ticket in to support but wanted to bring this up here because people may not even be aware this is happening… so I started lumber boost last night so I’d have plenty of lumber for event. As I’m sure many others do… anyway I’ve only been hit ONCE since then where they took any lumber which was 200k… yet I checked a little while ago and my mills had 89k on ea!! FYI the amount taken had come from my Hut not my farms so where’d all my built up lumber go? This isn’t the first time I noticed this either but I blew it off last time, well I’m not this time cause it’s bullshit.


If they kill the mill/farm all of the stored/uncollected resources are depleted. Whether they steal them or they are lost to the void is up to their own storage capacity to obtain them.


Wow well that’s news thanks for the info… even tho it seems like bull lol


It’s unfortunate but it’s been this way since, well as long as i remember and i’ve been playing for over 2 years now


Yeah I get it now guess I only ever noticed it once so thought it was some bug cause ya know the game is riddled with em lol


I had this same thought this morning - just this once I was hoping it WAS a bug LOL.


They actually sent me a lumber boost lol I won’t complain but I think it’s a stupid mechanic


This happened to me too… had a full storage and both mills were full. Got raided, it showed that they took no lumber but I lost half the stuff in my mills. Storage amount itself untouched. I don’t understand it, but :man_shrugging::grimacing: :t_rex:


Pg thievery at its finest


I got that too! I haven’t seen that before


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