Mine not giving bounus xp

Since the update mines are not giving out the bonus xp, also a visual glitch shows everything at 0 before you attack. Gold and shards payout but no xp. @pgEcho @PGDave

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I am having the same issue. No bonus xp is grinding my gears a little bit for procrastinating before :persevere:.

Kind of important seeing as it’s breeding event :eyes:

Fixed now thx

Just fixed. Glad to hear it works!

Not fixed for me :see_no_evil:

In game name?

same problem

What are you guys expecting to get, and what are you getting?

My team’s bonus is listed as +18.1% but seems to be +0%. Max xp without bonuses is 262k and getting 262k on mines. Should be more like 309k

im getting 92K xp instead of 108k xp

@pgEcho not working for me either expecting 32-33k exp but getting 29 only which is the normal max for my level ign is this account I’m writing to you about

My whole team is not working bwab. IGN: SaltiMcNalti


You’re still seeing this now?

Visually it is working but I think a lot of the buffs got nerfed.

Yes echo but the visual bug doesn’t even bother me just want my xp bonus back.

Yes, visually still bugged here. Also not getting the bonus xp from gold mines.
No big deal, just letting you know there still needs to be looked in to.

I’m the same. Visually showing zero and no bonus xp

Same here, neither visually nor applied correctly at the end of battle. Only standard XP like from any other normal battle as well.