Mines being blocked during shield mode for pvp event


So we have a person who came and is sitting on our mine right now, we can’t attack him to remove him but also we can’t use the mine because he is on it

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You have to lower the shields nearest the mine to be able to kill the squatter. You can reenable them right after.


They removed the option to turn off the shield for some reason. That was the way to do it before for sure.


Yeah no way of killing the guy off…


Could you tell me the coordinates of this mine?


@pgdave @pgecho my mine is also blocked sharing the coordinates



We the guy just finally left after more then 12hrs sitting on it


Also another team at
Is having the same problems


Indeed they did. Very peculiar decision.

How are we supposed to deal with griefers/squatters during major events with this option to drop shields to kill them removed?

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Can you all please again activate the disable shield/enable shield button. It’s getting difficult enemies are blocking mine and island. Can’t do gold runs and can’t transfer gold as enemy is staying there. Enabling/Disabling shield was a great feature you should have kept it. @pgEcho


Could you guys try to attack the players on the mines now? Deployed a change that should fix some issues for the short term while we work on re-enabling the disable shield button.


I just attacked someone at our mine. It says I got glory but the person is still at our mine and hadn’t lost any troops. @pgEcho
Correction I attacked a second time and this time it destroyed the troops and the intruder is gone now.


Can we get clarification on this?
What are the rules for mine and poacher PvP during major events?


Players should always be able to attack enemies on poachers and mines even when event shields are up.

Personally I would like to disable the event shields entirely, but for now they should only protect castles. I find myself bored when I can’t attack in Atlas for days when event shields are up.

Atlas Event shielding?

A pvp event doesn’t dictate the need to disable any attacks in Atlas. Shields are completely unnecessary.


My exact feelings :stuck_out_tongue: Which is why I asked the question in this thread, though not many people weighed in.

perhaps i’ll turn it into a poll.


FYI… We have re-enabled the ability to turn off shields during pvp events.


Excellent. Good decision.


I am still unable to take down shields @pgEcho


Looks like something hadn’t finished uploading. Could you try again?