Mini 4 outdated?

Until 4 months ago I was using an iPad first generation. I bought a new mini 4. Around 2 months ago had a problem after an update. During pvp event game froze after every event attack. Despite cries for help lasted entire event. Was told a patch was placed on my account and has been fine till now. Same thing freezes after every attack. Now I’m told my device is outdated. I know lots of people still using mini 2 doesn’t seem right. Please help! Can’t afford a new device. @Arelyna

My wife still plays in a mini 4 and has no issues. Make sure you have lots of free space. They get cranky when storage gets full.

Just curious, how much additional memory does the game like on an iPad?

If you are having the “stuck at 89%” problem when loading Pvp attack results screen then can unfreeze it by toggling WiFi off and back on again. Swipe downward from the top right corner of the screen to access the controls without leaving the app.

It shouldnt have Problems, im using a Mini 2

That is my exact problem! I was told my device was outdated. I will try next pvp thank you!!! This is not a new issue wow if it’s that easy to solve! Been through so much trying to fix this

I am not sure sorry I’m only using about 15% right now

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