Mini-Atlas Or Other Mini Games


What does everyone else think of a Mini-Atlas for other Leagues and/or Mini Games to break up the monotony of things? I have get to experience a team with and without Atlas, but for others what do you all think? I think we should, especially for those without Atlas. Things get a bit monotonous.

Btw, I know, I know: we need to fix years-Old bugs first before releasing new content, but still. This is just an idea to shake things up a bit. Also, I apologize if this was already covered in a different post.


So a few things to address here.

  1. A mini-Atlas, often discussed in the context of a Platinum-league Atlas, has been discussed heavily. The three main issues - aside from PG’s seeming unwillingness to do anything - are:

    a) Managing transitions between Platinum Atlas and the higher-tier Atlas.
    Do you lose castles/troops/etc., and if not, what happens - are they added to the other Atlas, removed from the current Atlas, etc.?

    If you don’t lose them, then it becomes encouraged to stockpile in lower Atlas and then burst into the higher-tier Atlas with resources that haven’t been drained by fighting all the toughest people. If you do, what’s the incentive to move up, when you could get similar rewards for far less effort in the lower Atlas?

    b) Addressing sandbagging.
    How do you keep the current situation from replicating itself again in the Platinum Atlas, especially given the increasing presence of higher-level players in lower leagues? Or to put it another way, what’s the point of stopping Diamond teams from screwing over Platinum teams if it’s just replaced by teams that COULD be Diamond, screwing over Platinum teams?

    c) Dealing with the people who like the status quo.
    There are always those with an interest in maintaining the status quo. Some people insist that this was the intent of Atlas. Some people just like that they can bring in Diamond teams to crush any of their opponents, or alternatively that they themselves can crush any would-be upstart team before it gets anywhere. Some people are concerned that forcing all the most powerful people to actually fight each other will cost them heavily.

  2. I’m not sure what you mean in the context of “Mini Games.” We have wars, and we have events, both in Atlas and in the main game. What sort of “Mini Games” are you thinking of?

  3. Yep. Bug squashing is an important component too, though from what we’ve heard from the PG team, they have individual groups working on each area of the game (which might facilitate working in parallel). And it becomes part of the endless debate - well, which bugs get finished when, and which content gets delayed in the name of bug-fixing, and so on.

    For example, from what I’ve seen the introduction of the Invoker class was not a popular decision from a player standpoint. It meant that a great deal of resources that could have been spent towards resolving existing bugs or imbalances were used to add a novelty. And worse, that the addition of this novelty has been accompanied by a massive swarm of new bugs. As plenty of players have noted, this is rather a negative sign for “The Year of the Player.”

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Like adding Parmesan cheese to this already delicious code.

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Thank you very much for addressing each area.

  1. Since one of my accounts is on a “non-competitive ( at the moment )” Atlas team I never really thought about this part and I greatly appreciate your feedback.

  2. as far as Mini Games I am thinking of something to break up the monotony because having the same events every 4 weeks. Maybe I am just thinking of older events that WD used to have. To give a bit of background I first started playing this game Winter 2015/2016 so I’ve seen many, many changes. I’ve noticed the most changes after coming back after having to take a major break from the game twice due to life ( Freaking life. Adulting is such fun always… said no one ever. :unamused:) I came back last August’s and man what a difference! I digress, though.

  3. I wasn’t aware that PG had individual groups working on certain bugs, but thank you. I still find it interesting that some bugs have been around for ages, which is very frustrating, but we shall see how things go moving forward. I do agree about the negative sign for “The Year if the Player”. I saw something about this in another forum a few days ago.

Overall, you’ve provided great standpoints and I thank you, again, for responding. Can’t wait to see more of your standpoints in the forums. Cheers!


PG answered my question even better, in a way, with the release of the old mini-game “Assault” that starts tomorrow with Breeding.

@moderators can you close this discussion since there are other posts about this now, please?

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