Mini Event this weekend

So the next Event is breeding, which for some of us is over in the blink of an eye… So as the vast majority of us are sat at home at the moment, could we have some kind of bonus mini event this weekend to run alongside breeding…

Dunno what everyone else things but strikes me as a good idea to give us all
Something more to do


Would be nice, especially since I expect Atlas to be quiet too just after the double glory frenzy.

But they can hardly whip up an event in one day, so I hope someone at PG thought of this a week or two ago and prepared for it…


The return of Assault would be so great !!

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Looks like you’re getting your wish!


Another awesome poster by @PoseidonPQ !!

Double glory, assault is back: I should keep dreaming! Maybe food/wood packs will soon be deleted from gold chests ?


Im very excited for this, hopefully they didnt gut the prizes and base difficulties. I’ve been preparing divines for each tier and want the satisfaction of getting revenge against that plat 6 base that I never finished


Did u miss the war cry bug? Lol

It didnt have a platinum dragon that could survive the hits from the flaks after the rage drain

Yeah, they need to change the base from the pre-flak era(. Platinum and below) to only legacy towers only.

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Pre-flak era is Emerald and below. But of course all newer divines also exist at those tiers…

I don’t think it really matters if there are flaks on them or not, as long as the bases are balanced against the dragons of that tier. Last time around most of them were, and some of the OP bases didn’t even have flaks (looking at you, blue-tier base 6).

Isn’t dark flak was introduced during emerald, maybe I need to read more cause I don’t play during that time

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