Mini events this season


I really enjoyed the one day mini events last season. Any chance they will be squeezed in this season?


I would love to see the return of the mini assault event. The one event in the game that actually involves skill instead of money.


Same here. My favorite event. Was looking forward to seeing how much further I could get and it’s disappeared…


I’d prefer the original black bloods but that’s just me…


It’s clear that the bases are being reworked since someone posted dragon and spell combo solutions last season. And it was clear that didn’t make the team happy. Or money. Or both. I forget.


Two things:

Not to mention that the last iteration we ran of Assault we received the most negative feedback on our in-game sampled surveys that we have received on any event in over a year. So saying that it was something that players liked was incorrect, perhaps you liked it but we have a lot of data that says it was overall much less liked than all other events.
Source: Echo in Comment #3 of Post #24 on the first iteration

Makes me sad, as I had fun with even the first iteration, outside of the “reset to last checkpoint” timer, which was resolved in the second iteration. I was looking forward to flying Hauheset through :cry:

I don’t recall any finite statements from PG that confirmed changing the maps. Echo did tease about changing the bases, which is here (Comment #2 of Post #2).


"Less ppl enjoyed it"
Probably 95% of japanese players complained about not being able to finish it :roll_eyes:

Would love to see it coming back, even in another Form with other bases - free sigils are free sigils


I’m with all of you…Would love for this mini-event to make a come back.


So here is what I think is actually up with it. When they ran this during the summer it was as a way to justify the sigil increase they implemented. There would be more events to earn sigils was essentially what they were selling us. They actually significantly lowered sigil costs this season. As such, we see no Assault event. Coincidence? I think not.


The summer season brought a low in players perception of War Dragons - lower sigils from restructuring, increase sigil cost for dragons, initial dragon abilities… and this event was looked on ask a lame attempt to compensate. I think if it was offered again, player perception and enjoyment would be much higher .


@pgEcho we discussed this in SF. The Assault event was excellent, but needed modifications because the way it was run was bad.
Can’t remember if it was you or @PGDave that was talking to us (Creators) but I swear we were not blowing smoke that day. @RedStash back me up on this!


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