Mini War Dragons Slang Reference

Hello there! I go by Flame and I’m a member of the War Dragons Creators Faction. I created some mini slang reference sheets for different parts of the games based on suggestions from friends in my various chats.

Atlas Slang

Atlas Slang Text

Prim - Primarch (Your battle piece in Atlas, there are 5 different ones, Fighter, Destroyer, Sieger, Trapper, and Taunter)

CG - Castle Guard

FoF - Friend or Foe

NML - No man’s land (red zone)

SZ - Safe zone (white zone)

Glory Hole - An area or castle that always provides glory opportunities

Hops - The number of castles you need to go through to get to a castle not directly connected to NML or SZ

Main Game Slang

Main Game Slang Text

Rss - Resources (Food, lumber, gold, etc)

GC - Group Chat

LC - League Chat

TC - Team Chat

OC - Officers Chat

AC - Alliance Chat

Nerf - Significant cut in dragon or tower ability, attack, health, etc

Another Surt - Majorly overpowered dragon who was nerfed twice

WD - War Dragons (of course)

PG - Pocket Gems (The company that owns War Dragons)

ET - Egg Token

Mystics - Mystic Fragments

End Game - Player with all (or close to all) maxed towers and dragons

F2P - Free to play (doesn’t spend on game)

E2P - Elite to play (only spends on atlas)

Noob - Someone new to the game who doesn’t understand what they’re doing

Whale - Someone who spends a lot on the game and is usually end game

Event Slang

Event Slang Text

IF - Inner Fire

WF - Wild Fire

Mega Quit - Quitting at 0% when there are defenders to save your mega coin

PVP - Player vs Player

PVE - Player vs Environment

HP - Health points

AP - Attack power

EP - Energy Pack

Base/Flying Slang

For more Swircling info, please check out this video:

Made by @GhostRider419 @Havok
Base/Flying Slang Text

Swircle - A term for the circular swiping motion used when flying sorcerers

Howi (Howy) - The Crystal Howitzer tower

LT - Lightning Tower

Airplane Mode - When your battle invite is rejected but the attacker is able to clear the base with no defenders

Farming - Repeatedly attacking a player or team over and over again

Glass Cannon - Powerful dragon that doesn’t have room for errors

Double Spot - Spots on a base where you can hit two towers at once

Triple Spot - Spots on a base where you can hit three towers at once

Wave - Large group of players all flying at once

Decoy - Person who flies (normally first in a group) to catch defenders so another person has a chance at an undefended run

Lead - First attacker in a battle

Backer - Second or third attacker in a battle

Cleanup - Someone backing an attack expecting to have to clear a couple towers at the end

D - Defending or watching for defense invites

Rage Builder - A small tower or perch left for the second attacker so they can gain rage before hitting powerful towers

What’s some other commonly used slang you can think of?

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R: Ready!


For sure! And “L” for loading

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I literally died when I saw too many words

that’s not what e2p means.


It means Earn To Play :laughing:

Someone who spends on both features of the game getting everything

Elite to play actually


IF could be inner fire or ice flak depending on the context. :upside_down_face:


Some more slang for bases other than IF = Ice Flak:

DF = Dark Flak
FF = Fire Flak
and then… I’ve seen EF refer to both electro and earth flaks depending on context, but I’ve also seen SF being said, in reference to earth flaks (‘storm’ flak)

IT = Ice turret
FT = Fire turret

BM = Blue Mage
RM = Red Mage

Ballista = OP :smiley:

(That last one is a joke for those that can’t tell, OP actually means overpowered)

And then there’s island numbering, but not sure if that’s slang? (Islands 1-8, 1 being closest to the home base, 8 being the farthest)


Is it like paying for elite except you don’t just pay for elite?

Huh? Elite to play is just that - you pay for elite.


Oh so that’s what it means? I’ve been calling it Earn To Play a lot

Earn to play is called a spender or a whale depending on the weight of his ego lol




… Wait, so we don’t press it to pay respects?


Reminds me why I act like Judge Judy but I’d make a terrible judge

:thinking: Interesting. I don’t think I’ve seen L = loading before. Typically I’ve seen that particular abbreviation used during wars when the person running the war wave is trying to figure out how many leads are present (as well as backers and defenders).

So in my experience (at least in terms of the lingo for my own team):
L = lead
B = backer
D = defense


Ive never heard earn to play, for most games this is p2w, pay to win

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Oooo I’ve never seen it being used as lead before

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Gonna add.
Main = The account where we play the most. Usually our biggest account (unless it’s abandoned)
Mini = smaller alternate account.