Mini Wars/Skirmishes?

I’ve been thinking about the idea of mini wars or skirmishes that would allow for much shorter wars (12 hours or less), with comparably reduced points, 1/2 the medal requirement to declare, etc. and didn’t know if it had ever been discussed before. Dunno, just throwing it out there like a big ol’ slightly malformed snowball.

Finding a time for those to begin/end that would cater to everyone internationally would be next to impossible.

I agree with ebony that it’s difficult to make it work for everyone. It could be taken advantage of for teams that are on the other side of the planet. If both teams had to agree to the war in order to initialize it, then maybe.

Especially time zone problems. And PG will get distracted from the real problems in the current game. Therefore, I do not support this.

Aka the Skirmishes event, which was fantastic and should be brought back

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That was the most enjoyable PvP event they have ever had, so, naturally, they have never repeated it. Didn’t need any energy, Inner Fires, or other consumables, so no money in it, though.

It’s all about the green…

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