Minimum level for sapphire mythic dragons?

Is it possible to get three sapphire mythics at level 117?

According to red’s breading Guide, minimum level to breed mythics is 126. And holy crap is it inefficient to straight up breed 3 saph mythic without back breeds.

Report it in-game, don’t teach the cheaters how to cheat better.

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Kind of in an awkward situation now

I knew it she’s in my LC. Knew it wasn’t possible! She claims to have spent a lot to get it but I knew it was BS lol

Looks like level 108 you can have Sapphire mythics.

Is it legit to get two in a day AND get them to you’re top three?


I’m yet to find out how such an incompetent big mouth became leader.

You need to be lv 126 for a breedable sapphire legendary


You need to be 126 to breed sapphire legendaries together…

Tell me combo, i am really interested to try.
FYI its not possible to breed sapphire mythic before level 126 because its parents are sapphires and sapphires need to be breedable which is only possible at level 126.

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YEah. Just done research and it’s 126.

:joy::joy::joy: Aww. Someone is a very sad panda, I see. :joy::joy::joy: Keep on trucking, little engine.

Meh. I’m wrong. My bad.

Yeah I just read it on amoeba studios that you need to be 108 for Sapphire
she got them quick though, I’ll give her that lol

Did it say sapphire mythics or legendary?

No. As Warlady and some others stated, that’s false. The 108 is… an incorrect number by PG.

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Your blog posts are definitely bigger than both of those

Just had confirmation. She bought that account for 70 something. Not sure about the currency.