Mining not working


For the past 30 minutes you can attack the gold mines but you never receive the gold… I’m guessing this may also be a result of whatever is causing the war/rss sending issues that have also started happening? @PGDave @PGJared


Same with poachers…


Same here… greedy invader dont even gives me food or lumber :see_no_evil:


Don’t worry guys, level 60 towers will solve this. If you buy enough packs maybe they will fix your broken game.


The issues with war attacks, resource transfers, mines, etc are the key focus of the entire team (other than the art team or other groups that can’t work on a fix for this). We are working to get this resolved as quickly as possible.


Please check if your gold now has been credited to you. There was a temporary backlog in queues that built up which should have been sorted by now.


Mine got credited :+1:


Mine got credited as well :hugs:


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