Minor Bug: Early Quests Reactivated



A number of the earlier quests appear to have reactivated themselves.

I’m currently level 148, yet the quests for ‘Build a Builder Hut’ and ‘Build a lumber mill for more wood’ have re-appeared in my quest list.
There was another regarding Hext but I claimed it before I read/realised what I was doing.

Has anyone else got this issue?


screenshot it and contact support is the best way to resolve this while waiting for others to comment here if they are also experiencing this.


Support recomended that I uninstall and re-install the app.

Problem remains unsolved.


tag @pgCampusLifer , she can look into your profile… is the best way…

my advice, do not claim prizes … could become exploit


I was worried about this. I claimed 1 without thinking (something to do with Hext).

The other 2 cannot be claimed because they cannot be completed. I can’t build a 2nd builders hut (obviously) and i can’t build a 3rd lumbil mill (although hackers have managed this).

I was assured by support that I wouldnt be flagged.

@pgCampusLifer . I would love some info on this minor bug.


Hi. I’m not sure why you guys are tagging me specifically. unfortunately I don’t have any information on this.


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