Minor Bug: Resources won reported as zero



This error isn’t game breaking.

Lets say my storage capacity is 700k.
I have 650k food stored and I raid a base with 100k food.

The reported amount won shows as 0, but in fact the amount won is the 50k.

Note: I do receive the correct amount.


Same thing happened to me🤷🏻‍♀️


I’ve noticed this as well. Its been present for the last few updates. Egg token rewards and rss received aren’t affected, so its really just a reporting bug in the UI.


I try to think of it as expecting a surprise, I have to shut the attack page to see what pops up in storage. Sometimes I’m disappointed, other times I’m extremly happy to find a big pile I wasnt expecting


I noticed this too, I keep thinking someone dumped their resources during my attack and get bummed out. Then I see that I received the resources and laugh at how I got trolled by PG again. One day PG…one day I might figure out a way to troll you back! :wink::laughing:


This definitely happens when you raid OVER the amount that would fill your storage. Every single time for the past few weeks.

Not sure why it happens, but i’m glad that at least it’s only a visual glitch and the RSS are actually being deposited.


I could be wrong, but I believe some of the issue may be that it will show a player holding food, however they have the food buff on and their resources are protected. So while they may have said resources, your unable to take any in the attack.


Not every player that i’ve raided in the past month when close to full has had a food or wood production boost on. I can promise you that much.

I do this hundreds of times with speeding up missions when i get wood missions. I send just above the amount (15k if i need 12k) and then find someone with around 15k to raid. It always ends up showing that i raided “0” wood and i am always full with my mission complete.

So i don’t think this has anything to do with boosts/protection


I agree with this :arrow_up:

This isn’t true as resources are definitely received but only reported as zero. :arrow_up:


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