Minor Event: XP (Replace Feeding)


Feeding event mutated from an older, and much beloved minor event: XP. Before it left for good, it had become a log10 event for “fairness”. Whatever. Anyway.


  1. XP to Points: Get a set number of points depending on the amount of XP you get. This is filtered through the log10 formula which I give examples for below.
  2. Multipliers: x5 x4 and x3 multiplier are turned into x6 x5 and x4.
  3. No Heal Times: Heal free weekend to promote activity. This means dragons have 0 healtime.

Point Examples with log10

25 1,051 3.0
50 2,790 3.4
75 5,565 3.7
100 10,780 4.0
125 20,595 4.3
150 43,799 4.6
175 88,359 4.9
200 123,995 5.1
225 155,495 5.2
250 186,995 5.3
275 218,495 5.3
300 249,995 5.4
325 362,716 5.6
350 526,267 5.7
375 763,572 5.9
400 912,933 6.0


The feeding event teaches players to hoard and not level their dragons, crippling their power. It also has a severe impact on the food economy, draining food as people feed sometimes useless dragons and keep perches fed above helping their teammates. For players without anything to feed, this harms them. More so larger players with feeds over 2 million to try and accomplish. Overall, this event does not promote healthy gameplay for individuals or teams.

The XP event promotes activity in game, a sense of progress for players of all levels, and gets people back into the parts of the game they most love. For PG, this also means that people would be back in the game, reduce player churn (especially for low levels if this event is run more often). This would also work well as an event to be place between events or whatever else.

A Poll or Something

  • Hell yeah, I would love this!
  • I would change some major things…
  • No, I prefer feeding

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PREACH!!! I would love to see this replace Feeding.

… but I might be the only dumbass here who doesn’t know what log10 means. :sweat_smile: :t_rex:


Google says:

log10 (x) represents the logarithm of x to the base 10. Mathematically, log10 (x) is equivalent to log(10 , x) . See Example 1. The logarithm to the base 10 is defined for all complex arguments x ≠ 0. log10 (x) rewrites logarithms to the base 10 in terms of the natural logarithm: log10 (x) = ln(x)/ln(10) .

Math words for a formula to do stuff. I think. I really just plugged in numbers to the formula.
@forScience @mechengg might explain it better.


Neat, I still can’t decipher what that is! :rofl::see_no_evil: Lol, thank you.
I’m in full support of this idea :+1: I don’t really understand the whole “heal time” thing and why that exists in the first place anyway. And this event would be a much better way to gain points because the food economy wouldn’t be as starved due to perch feeding. And you’ve already said all the things on my mind :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :t_rex:




Thief! Lol, I love it.


Don’t worry, I also have issues when people break out the maths in posts :rofl:


@TheRedDelilah :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: this! Would add some Fun back into the game, thank you so much for starting this topic!


The inverse of power :smiling_imp:

Does perch exp count?
Also, is there any note about achievement? :eyes:


I think that’s what the log 10 point system is for. Your points toward the achievements would be based in that.


Yes please!

For those confused about log, it is a way to scale things based on input. The two most common are log10 and exponential. Exponential is what the building requirements use for example.
I find pictures help so here are generics of the two.




Although log10 is kinda unnecessary as that’s default if no log stated :joy::joy:


I like the log10 approach. It levels the field between the big guys and the small ones, everyone receives points relative to their level.
I’ve tried to graphic it… looks like the XP base is exponential, makes sense to do the points at their inverse



It’s been way too long but maybe something like - just think of it as a curve, and the XP put in would be the x axis. The output would just be where on the line the x value falls.

(yay wiki)


Great idea. I love it!



The log system is basically so that someone who has a max xp of 100k does not earn 10 times the points per hit as someone with a max xp of 10k. Instead they would earn 5 and 4 points per hit respectively

This did have some interesting side effects though as people would actually do many runs for very low xp instead :see_no_evil:


@TheRedDelilah It won’t let me click “Hell Yeah” more than once :cry:


Nice, I like the balancing. Took me a minute to figure out the base xp because I’m a fool who can’t read graphs :roll_eyes:.

This is a cool idea. It gives quite a buff to the incentive for the event and gets you more points for the big three runs.

Woah, ok. Me likey. Not sure if it is something PG would go for though. If they didn’t do this people with few potions would be buying a lot to keep the dragons flying.

Yep! This is why I hate feeding so much. Personally I am selfish in this and always score quite low in feeding because I have refused to do this. Recently I have stopped feeding lineage dragons above breedable though, no reason to if I only use Axi, Fom, and the occasional Cav.

Agree with every part of this. Let’s get back to what made this game fun.


I do have a couple of questions about how this would work. Let’s start with the easy one.

  1. How would +100% and +200% xp boosts work? I assume since it increases the xp gained it also increases points by same amount? This is just a nice way to double or triple a run’s points. Sorry for the potentially dumb question.

  2. As an addition, what about xp potions? Would they use the same system? I have ~14-15 140k potions at level 137, would I get a little more than 13.8 points (4.6 * 3)?

  3. What are ideas for chest drops in this event? As in what would the specific items be, not amounts? We would have the standard attack and defense boosts, as well as sigils, tokens, and timers. But what about xp potions, xp boost consumables, and food/lumber packs (primarily food).


PG themselves actually did this back in the day, and the activity of players was insane because of it. It doesn’t impact their big spenders at all, but is a huge deal to the players they want to keep in the middle and early stages.