Minor Event: XP (Replace Feeding)


Yes, it would be a good idea.


No, it would be a terrible idea. As Liz states above


My vote is no because I actually somewhat enjoy the preparation I do for Feeding. It gives me a reason to level dragons past 12 or 16.

I have absolutely no desire to have an event that requires me to run my divines through my invader base as many times as I can, tyvm. This would be a weekend of mindless, repetitive grind, because when I only have 5 days to gain as many points as possible, I’m going to do the easiest thing available.

No, thank you.

Edit: Just realized what it makes me think of: Kingdom Wars PvE, but without Energy to stop me from continuing to grind. That really appeals to people?


Yes, because money can’t buy progress. It’d be nice to have an event where simply throwing money at the game can’t buy you a win. It’d also be nice if the event coincided with a free heal weekend.


Not at all opposed to having an event that you can’t buy a win, just saying that an event decided by how many times you can convince someone to follow you for Andy runs isn’t going to be fun.


I love the feeding events. Need more of them. Seems a lot of people can’t manage their irrelevant dragons for this event.
Please PG, keep the feed event coming!!!


Why? Why do you like them though? Are they just easy?

For the record, I have plenty of irrelevant dragons to feed for feeding, but I still detest the event with a burning passion.


Considering I get 6m+ points in this event and I want it gone. Either you just like easy points or there’s something else you like that I don’t


Feeding event feels good only if you can actually feed your dragon.
It will be good only if PG manages to solve food shortage issue.


It has the benefit of removing 1 tedious event from the schedule, and it will get people to feed their dragons regularly.

I think to make it workable you’d have to have dual prize tiers, one for breed, one for feed.

Just don’t know what to do about the perch problem. Feeding perches shouldn’t a means of generating points - but if it is the prime (or only) means of generating points for some - perhaps it is just better if feed goes away. Not leveling dragons is antithetical to the point/purpose of the game, and feeding perches for points is just silly.


The main issue for feeding is food shortage. Putting Breeding and Feeding into one will delay breeding progress even more, especially if the player needs to train their dragons during the event.


I suppose if they’re going through the trouble of combining events, they could just increase the amount of food farms produce X times over to deal with the food shortage. 3X? 4X? However much is needed.


I’m thinking for more rewarded participation.
Like some special food packs which is can be bought using participation points…


Well who doesn’t like easy points lol


As you grow, it will be even easier to get more hungry dragons, to the point that hunting food for your hungry dragons becomes an impossible job (you can’t even feed your dragons)


More than half of this thread would rather have something other than easy points this way. It’s the least rewarding and most boring event imo.


What I do is level my ursas, Jules and the likes to breedable then I stop. But I’ll continue to run them for xp. Then when a feed event comes around I level them more. Most of those dragons thus far are pretty useless barring a few like hauset. He’s a good farm killer. I have no issues gathering food. Idk what lvl most of the feed haters are but it’s easy for me at lvl 218. It’s also
A good break from the every day grind. Make you are a die hard WD player but I find it nice to have that break every once in awhile yet still have the opportunity to earn some prizes.


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So what we are suggesting is get points for running these dragonsfor XP. You get rewarded and the food economy doesn’t suffer and new players don’t learn bad habits of starving dragons.

Mid 300s. Try gathering 2m for your feeds. Also, all the hits we make for food are astronomically lower the higher level you are. 1-3k a hit makes the weekend useless.

That’s what breeding and fort is for.