Minor Event: XP (Replace Feeding)


Guys have some damn compassion. How is PG going to make money off this event? Think about how much insurance costs on a Ferrari. These people may not even be able to fly in their own private jets and would have to fly with all the normal people.

Try to understand the struggles they have to go through.

So pretty much this is pointless cause I don’t see how PG makes any money off this.


If the event is based off of xp earned, they’d make money selling xp boosts for the players who were lazy and didn’t want to do as many runs to get the points :woman_shrugging:


They have it already.
XP potion and XP surgeon.


I’ve juste discovered this tread… and I love the idea.

I would really like this idea (and many more) to be implemented, but can we expect some official reply about this (or any other) suggestion?


@PGChocolate @PGRocket

maybe now you will consider some suggestions. Implement some changes, like this one. There are 275 people that voted positively for this 86%!


Events are a HUGE part of what people enjoy. Please try.


I hate the feeding event with a passion. I dislike how the game makes me feel I must starve lineage dragons at breeding lvl. It makes lineage dragons obsolete and makes the game less fun.


I’m so glad that feeding is over because I can FINALLY find the food to feed my dragons, instead of getting frustrated trying to hunt and feeding just my perch. PG,
please junk this event or change it to Red’s suggestion. An event shouldn’t stall progression.


This should already be a thing



  1. So the log10 divides XP numbers like 1k, 10k, and 100k by 10 and then converts them into points based on player/base level?

  2. I voted yes but I do have a few concerns, the major one being:
    Will this remove the capability to prepare for the event, not being able to stock up up on all unused dragons?
    I guess I’m concerned with no perch points and saved points before start and it becoming what you can do after start of event. Would this cause some not to level dragons or would it be as easy to get XP on experts?


No, the xp a player gets is based on player level and research. Log10 equalizes it a bit, while still giving higher levels a little bit of an advantage.


Can you elaborate? How does it convert XP to Points based on player level?


Added this after you posted


Type into google log10. If you look at the OP, I gave examples.


As you can see from dragon manager, xp gained from runs depends on what level you are and what research you have done. Numbers here are without any research:


Expert dragon’s get 1.2x xp from each run. But people might be level capped and not have a fast invader dragon that’s expert, but can complete more runs with said dragon than he would with a slower expert dragon over the course of the event.

There’s some preparation that can be done (rubies for 200% xp boosts, expert drags, etc) but not the debilitating preparation needed for feeding.


Basically this event you earn points by flying dragons. Feeding would not matter for this event, so as long as you had the food to fly your dragons you could still earn points. They should combine this event with a “free heal weekend” so the only thing limiting you is how much time you’re willing to devote to flying.

Spenders would be able to purchase the +200% xp boosts to save themselves on some grinding. But it would equalize the playing field between spenders/E2P/F2P players. High level players and lower level players would be more equalized by the log10 algorithm.


In addition to this, if PG need to monetize more, let ruby exp counts


I’m on board as long as they remove healing times during XP event


I’m on board even if they don’t remove healing times (but that’s how much I hate feeding, and I definitely think it should be a heal-free event).


You guys do realize this is PG we’re talking about here, so the rewards for an event like this will be similar to the rewards for grinding shards or the rewards for team quests, right?

I mean, I grind A LOT for PvP events, and those are at least limited by energy and fires. The last Temple Raid, my hands literally hurt by the end of the weekend. And you want an event that is even grindier?

I’m really afraid you’re going to get what you’re asking for, but it will be PG-ified into something that no sane person would want it.