Minor Event: XP (Replace Feeding)


We’ve actually had this event before…


this part of the question must be rhetorical…

same here with almost every PvP


Well I like the concept of this. But I think this type of event will still get boring over the five day run. I would like to see breeding be combined with this or feeding. Either run them for two days each or have them over lap. Not sure. But really I think most everyone is done breeding in two day . but to use that new dragon you have to wait forever for an event feed him or lvl him. I think finding a way to make those newly breed dragons useful faster and rewarded for doing so would make that weekend event much more fun . So by combining the events just makes sense. Still not sure how it would work .


Good luck feeding those baby dragons. Aka, that would fuck the food economy so bad.

Many people have to get their first dragon breedable to continue, such as this day backbreed steps. Also, “have to wait forever to feed them” is exactly why Feeding event is horrid. It teaches bad habits.


I agree I don’t like feeding as an event. Xp is way better. I remember the old days of xp events. And do miss them. It could be it’s own event for it was in the past. Just saying I think it would pair well breeding. The two events at once kinda makes sense …breed and lvl …Really with the way eggs are and with the discount on breeding the upper dragons most of my team run out of eggs by end of day two. So three days of watching the clock. Ya you can gem the missions but that doesn’t give eggs as fast as you use them up. So by adding xp event at the same time makes for a good weekend fun. New dragons and actually get used lvling them . that weekend I think would make for fun for all.


Log10 roughly translates into “the exponent of 10 that gives this number.” So for log10 of 10, it’s 1. 100 is 2. 1000 is 3. Points are based on the result of taking your xp per run and taking log10 of that value. So getting 10x more xp than someone only yields 1 more point. It’s more balanced.


In last breeding I had to make 3 dragons breedable (staged!) to get the last one.
Basically I’ve used the full event timeframe.
Don’t touch breeding event. Modify token costs to lower, but not the mechanics. Well, maybe something to make less time looking at the screen while breeding itself
(not answering to you Red)


*votes for 0 heal time during breeding :pray:


Two plus years ago? I don’t see anything I don’t recognize on the event calendar since Dragon Games and Dragon Training in late 2016. The game has changed just a bit since then… I know there was no invader base and I don’t think there was an Andy equivalent. And that’s what this event will be… how many hours you’re willing to spend crushing your invader base or ripping through Andy with Hau.

Doing easy tasks repeatedly as many times as you can stomach them does not make for a fun event. Possibly it could be profitable for us, but as I said… This is PG, so anything grindable will take blood.


What’s the difference between that and hitting blackbloods over and over again or hitting the same player that gives you the most points for the range you can hit in over and over? At least hitting invader gives good and do (and shards now with beasts). Hitting whatever high level with the worst base on the team next to me in kingdom wars gives none of that

Edit to add team gauntlet is my favorite pvp so hope that doesn’t get taken the wrong way


I’ll honestly just fly like normal. Encourage my team to practice on tricky bases. Put a gold donation goal out. Etc.

Better than feeding that rewards not playing the game (feeding your dragons) for months, being greedy (feeding your perch), or general spending that grinders cannot do.


With no heal time, Atlas or not doesn’t matter, as we can practice as much as we want, while getting exp for our dragons plus training dragons in prep for breeding.

So many advantages :heart_eyes:
Probably I’ll fly like crazy…


The xp event would be a bit like pvp event in the sense where you attack people to earn points, you could increase the points you get by a certain amount using 100% and 200% xp boosters, and the only preparation you can and to do is stack ling up on xp boosts. Actually now that I think about it, the xp event would be a lot like pvps (from what I know at least). But the point is, this event would most likely not get boring after 2 or 3 days unless PG does a little too much tinkering with it.


Does Rulith outlaw perch feeding during feed? Every feed I end up working my ass off so I’ve never felt bad about feeding my perch. I mean shit, there’s no food.

Edit: this is because you called perch feeding greedy, that I ask. I think we’re all greedy if that’s true (which could be fair)


We will not give team resources to feed a perch. Ever. Yes it’s greedy, and a needed evil in the stupid event that is feeding. Another reason why I think it’s a shit fucking event. It’s a bastardization of XP event in the first place.


The only difference is that it’s unlimited grind with no actual goals vs. grind restricted by pvp resources.

Sorry if I’d like to see what little dev resources this game still has put towards something that has a chance to be fun. If they’re going to resurrect an old event, KotH would be a far better choice. And if your reaction to an event is to play the game like you always do… that’s not an event.

I have no love of Feeding, but replacing it with garbage doesn’t help.


I disagree: the difference is that my team can hit who they want instead of being limited to PvP bullshit. Feeding (and this XP) are meant to replace PvP on holiday/low staff weekend.

For some reason, PG hates KotH. I don’t, they do. And if my reaction on a holiday weekend is to play the game at low stress, I don’t see that as bad at all. I actually miss the time (3+ years ago) when we didn’t have an event every weekend.

Feeding is the worst event in the game. Period:


So feeding isn’t garbage? Just hunting for scraps all the time and feeding your perch? Xp event rewards with skill improvement and allows you to gather points whenever you feel like. And it would be a nice break from pvps once in a while


Nobody is saying that! But if all we want from a replacement event is to be ‘better than feeding’, we’re setting a pretty low bar. If PG are going to devote developer effort to replacing feeding, then surely we should replace it with something good? This event, as proposed, is nothing but grinding. It will be mind-numbingly dull. Sure, it’s probably better than feeding, but so is punching myself in the face for six days.


I don’t understand. Do you not do xp runs already? Do you not have Atlas and do your daily gold multipliers? Atlas hits for glory? egg token missions? Practice hard bases with setup dragons?! Maybe we play very differently. But my understanding is that this event, as proposed, would get me points for doing what I already do. And what I do is grind (because in case you hadn’t noticed, that’s pretty much all there is to do in the game). Getting me points for actually playing sounds absolutely fabulous. It would mean that for just this one event (as proposed), the time I put into the game would have some value. And if I want to do more for more points, I can (same as feeding, which is mind-numbingly dull AND I’m not even doing anything useful most of the time, AND grinding for no food…yeah, real exciting!). Sorry, but I just don’t see how this xp event wouldn’t be 1 bajillion times better. Which for me definitely falls into the good category. Better than, even.