Minor Event: XP (Replace Feeding)


Because if everyone is just getting points for their normal level of play, then that number of points will likely not get you very far. The ‘normal’ activity that you’re describing will be the baseline, which you’ll need to massively exceed in order to be deserving of the higher tier rewards. Otherwise everyone who plays the game would be maxing out the event, which stops it being an event at all.


But that’s where the 200% comes, so you don’t need so many runs. Probably swap them in the prizes too.

To compare between spenders and non: non spenders will still fly as much but for co instead of (possible) scraps of food, and for xp which is fixed. Spenders will still be able to buy their way with flying a bit and using potions and xpboosts.

I don’t believe it’s an excellent event, but it’s quite decent/good.


This will be an interesting new event if only they will do it :crossed_fingers:


You’re forgetting the logarithmic scoring system, which will mean all those 200% boosts will barely earn you any extra points, with their effect diminishing ever more as you grow in level.


In a perfect world, it would just be scored by how much XP you get. But. Then that wouldn’t be fair to people who aren’t a higher level.

-insert eye roll here-


Personally, I barely earn any points in feeding being a low level player. And now that I’m in the gold tier, I get den capped really easily so I wont be able to level up my dragons and use food to earn points. With xp, I could continue to earn points even if a dragon that I need to level up is den capped, then the next fort, I could get to the needed level and upgrade my den and level up my dragon without having to wait till next feeding to do so.
Another thing is, in feeding, you need to attack the base with the most food and sometimes that base my get be too hard. In xp, you could attack anybase you want asking as it gives you the max xp. This gives you the change to practice flying on a defended base that might not have much resources. And if your that kind if player, you could possibly look for a week base and use some old divine dragons just for fun.
So basically, an xp event would allow you to be more free and would also award activeness instead of money.


This exactly. XP will be scored on a PER RUN basis in this event, not a cumulative score. Therefore it’s always better to do more runs than higher scoring runs.

Comparing 1 run at 100k XP vs 10 runs at 10k XP, you will basically get 5x the points doing the second version for the same overall XP gained on a dragon. It makes it very easy to follow teammates for 75% XP with nearly no loss in benefit.

It gives people a very slight bonus for expert dragons but nothing super substantial. 1 more run will almost always make up for a string of low XP runs, which makes lower level players at least make up event points based on activity rather than how much quantitative XP they can pull in every single attack


Giving team resources to feed the perch wasn’t specified before, just perch feeding in general. I agree it would be stupid to take food from the bank to feed a perch.


If people are feeding their perch, that means they aren’t filling banks :eyes:


I guess I just don’t see much difference in using perch for event points or, for example, feeding Vulcan for event points.


Both are horrid.



shivering in fear while looking at platinum divine


And now we get to another stupid aspect of feeding. We just finished fort (in which the last thing I built was my storage). Now to do well on feeding I have to speed up my storage to put a boost on it. Frustrating to no end.


Yeah, I’m not spending the timers on storage for a boost this time. Nope. Let it sit and cook for another 3 weeks.


Same here, ugh


I’m with @Hwrd on this one… I’ll just have to make due with hunting for scraps and sending to team atlas banks, then later asking for the food back… It’s not worth the timers to speed up the storage hut.


But we all suspected it would be feeding so why did you upgrade storage?


Points (and it will save me timers when fort comes again because I’ll have less to speed up).


I’ve gotten to the point I only upgrade my storage outside of event, need to use timers on buildings that actually give XP. Only went up 8 levels for 6 million points and a ton of timers. Normally I would do at end too but knew I would need my food boosts.


A) We have an Atlas bank completely 100% full of food.
B) I wanted the 3M point prize from Fort without going over my self imposed limit of level 214.
C) I’m on the edge of being RSS capped for towers and therefore HAD to upgrade storage this round, no matter what.