Minor Event: XP (Replace Feeding)


Ahh, but I’m still trying to reach the 300 wall so I typically have a couple of storage hut upgrades available per each fort event… Can’t fall behind on those upgrades.


I get it, hopefully you’ll do OK in the feed. Sadly the food economy doesn’t bounce back the last few days like the lumber does.


I think it’s still fair for lower lvl players (to an extent). They can get max xp in about 5 seconds by killing a few of the first towers on Andy.


If it’s the strongest towers one should not upgrade it outside of fort. All non battling aside storage are most probably maxed, totems require the scarce embers, and a low level tower will finish halfway between forts.

Of course if you have a full maxed base it wouldn’t matter I suppose. But for the majority that have 5 strong towers we don’t have better options


I guess I wasn’t privileged enough to know the next event would be for sure feeding. In fact any player that doesn’t take in the same information that you do may not have known either. If it had been officially announced a week ago many wouldn’t have this issue. If PG had made it so you could apply boosts when it is upgrading as we have been asking for since the boost was introduced I wouldn’t have this problem. But you’re right, it’s my fault for upgrading my storage. It’s not a problem with how the game is ran at all.

I have been starting my storage when I’m done with the event for over a year now since it takes so damn long to upgrade it.

Just one more reason to get rid of this shit event.


I don’t disagree with the applying boost while upgrading, that would be nice. PG did announce it here that it would have two minor events due to the US holidays and their resulting short staff.

I just took a gamble of 1 day or the points until I got the official announcement. I will upgrade mine once I reach a decent level in the feed event.

I don’t find this event terribly difficult to do reasonably well just by bouncing food off team mates or the bank if you have atlas. It’s really dull, especially right after a fort but to be honest, what event isn’t getting kind of old besides Temple raid?


Breeding maybe? Provided you can actually breed something… I’m always excited to get new dragons. Just wish they didn’t take a month to hatch…


Just to remind some people, this thread is for talking about how an xp event should or shouldn’t be a thing and things you would change to the xp event to make it better. Things like that.