Minor Event: XP (Replace Feeding)


At the base level, yes. Hence the screwing of high levels. That’s how much I want to get rid of feeding.


Ahhhhhh. Sorry. Thanks for the patience. Now it makes sense. Thanks. I do like the idea, just was a bit confused. Thanks for the clarification.


What of the missing x2? :smirk:


It is crushed up into a fine powder and then dissolved in the tears of tweens to form a paste that holds towers together.




Hope pg will rework feeding it is boring as it is


Given recently post forums about getting feeding, I urge PG to consider this event instead of it.
@PGChocolate any official word about it?
Thank you


Please bring this event back, it was awesome for the teamwork it inspired but above all do anything but feeding!


If you’re going to get rid of the feeding event, then you need to have one last feeding event and announce that it’s the last one. Otherwise you will have people who don’t check the forums saving their training for this event. Communicate!

  1. Despite the persistent outcry by players to do so, PG has not made any kind of reference to deleting the event.

  2. I can’t say with any authority or first-hand knowledge, but I am nearly certain that they would make a big deal out of it if they were going to retire the event completely.


The only training anyone should be “saving” for this event is for useless dragons that it doesn’t actually matter if you train…anything else is just another demonstration of why this event should die a forever and silent death, in my obviously biased opinion.


Let’s be clear about something. The existence of divine dragons is what kills the relevance of all other dragons. There’s no point in feeding a dragon beyond breeding level because divine dragons are so much easier to use, train, and boost than the others. The feeding event is not to blame. I’m not saying get rid of divine dragons, either. I’m saying we need to recognize the actual cause of the irrelevance of bred dragons.


In terms of your breeding progression, where are you? I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just don’t want to make assumptions.


I would disagree, there are many lineage dragons just as good or better than divines. Noctua, Destar, Rajin, all the Vanguard Mythics, just to name a few. (And of course the almighty Hauheset).


Rajin is terrible, sorry

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:pleading_face: But I was looking forward to him :cry:

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You’d have to invest a lot of rage runes to make it work and have some pretty quality gear to boot.


Lineage dragons are so 2017. Look at all of the throw away Divines out there for clearing beasts. Jarl, Slphy, Haku. I’d stop breeding if I could still advance.

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I had a decent set of wind gear from noctua after I retired him, and found rajin did fairly well against 5 tower kill boxes, and occasionally 10 tower ones if they didnt have an ice flak. Especially with dumb defenders that gave him free rage by activating mages while his shield was up lol.

But he was never my go to dragon, and I never relied on him for bases above his power level, so if that’s your criteria then i guess he wasnt good :man_shrugging:

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Even with my 103/98 gear he isn’t effective hitting same level towers haha