Minor Event: XP (Replace Feeding)


Why just during the event? This sounds like a system could be implemented in the main game for this.


It sounds like an interesting event. I hope they look at your suggestion.


Their advantage used to be indirect, as food (feed), wood & speedups (fort) can be obtained by raiding.

For egg tokens, the duration is pretty long, and usually is affected by breeding plan as well.
For exp, it’s direct advantage for each run (instant advantages).


I think that makes sense to me. So would a level 400 get 3.0 points for hitting a base that give 1k exp? Or would they be penalised for hitting such a low base?


Under the proposed system they would. It wouldn’t be too hard to add something like a 70% rule similar to atlas, where hitting too low gets nothing.

I think the log scale itself is a good thing, it means a level 400 won’t get 20 prizes with one run, while a level 25 needs 1000 runs for one prize. But it probably needs some extra tweaking to make sure people hit at least somewhere near their level band.


That’s exactly it. It needs minor tweaks, the concept is fantastic. Unfortunately minor tweaks wasn’t an option :joy:


There are still Andy and some other similar bases.

Depends on the base used as farm, it maybe useless.
Doing 3 runs with Ember will be as fast as 2 runs with assist.
Also, more reliable since it’s solo run.


I think overall this is far preferable to feeding. If I never see a feeding event it will be too soon. Arguing with people who leave their main flyer divine dragons 1+ tiers behind current “for feeding” gives me a headache. Blowing xp potions on useless dragons I left behind 6 months ago so I can spend food on them and leave them stabled is not fun. Hunting for food when nobody ever has any because you can feed perches every 18 minutes is not fun.

That said, I see some issues with the event as currently proposed.

  1. Log10 scaling will be a nightmare to explain to the playerbase, many of them have trouble with fractions…smh

  2. Every other event discriminates heavily in favor of top end players. Minor events can have a 100:1 ratio in terms of points gained by a 300+ compared to a new player. PVP is a 5:3 ratio between top and bottom bases. I fully expect a log10 scoring system to provoke the top end players to cry foul.

  3. I prefer grinding events where your attack and defense strength, picking good bases to attack etc play a role in your success. Grinding away mindlessly against invaders or xp bases isn’t the same.

  4. Non-Atlas vs Atlas envy will get worse because of invader bases.

  5. How will PG monetize this? Because, frankly, if it’s not a revenue stream, it’s not happening. Maybe take the xp transfer=points from feeding? Xp potions, even with recent boost, are dwarfed by extra run XP after a while so I doubt whales will fork over $$ for gold chests. Feeding at least has food packs.

  6. The first couple of iterations of the event I fully expect the prize structure to be seriously out of whack, because it’s hard to predict just how motivated the playerbase will be to grind and grind.

Again, overall I am in favor of this, just trying to think of potential shortcomings and pitfalls.


There is still a player like this?
Even if I starved many of my dragons, I made sure that my main is always den capped…


I doubt that ruby xp will have the same amount of point scaling.


Make it to where using an XP boost doubles/triples the number of points earned. People spend rubies to buy those boosts. Event monetized.


Yep, it would have to be transparent. Simply show the event points you’ll get in the matchmaker listing / combat screen. Put the math on the forums for those who care, or just let them figure it out themselves as we’ve done with most other formulas.

Not a lot, mostly points from xp potions and xp boosts. But feeding doesn’t have a lot of monetization either.


Andy can be taken out with ember in 30 seconds? :scream:


I believe that prior to lv 200, destroying some towers (4-5) is enough to get capped exp


That reduces the problem, but doesn’t solve it


Yes. Higher leveled players have advantages with more xp cap, and lower leveled ones usually make up for it with numbers.

With such mechanisms, number wins over max exp cap.


Sadly, yes, those people exist. Forumers are a very small subset of players.


With the catastrophic decline in those thousands of healing potions that have been hoarded over the years of playing. And that, is why I don’t think they’ll go for the free healing weekend.


I would like the event to be xp based rather than food based because it would actually incentivise me to fly more often. Feeding events suck, there is barely any food around so you spend hours scraping up enough to feed something because when you go on a run and someone is online either the lag gets you and they have no food or they send it away. Boring.

In feeding at the moment I am online at the start, do a few dragons via hunting and then use food packs when the food runs dry. Then it’s a case of use food boosts and login regularly to harvest it for the rest of the event because hunting is pointless. It’s not very enthralling lol


My goal was to move players to actually play. PG has stated they are doing the new cadence to have people play more. This makes them play more. This also keeps the food drought from coming up.

You’d actually do much better as Expert Dragons get more XP. You could grind Atlas Gold, back your teammates, etc.

Exactly. However, I think the benefit for the majority far outweighs. We should be playing, we should be active. We should be having fun with this. Players shouldn’t be starving their dragons, players should be working together for XP. Mostly, we should just be actually playing the game.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, love. I really appreciate it.

Evas would only give .9 event points, versus the 3 even a level 25 would get for their max XP. But what @Morreion said covers it and I especially love:

Sure - that would look like this:

LEVEL BASE XP POINTS (log10) ELITE XP (total) Elite Points (log10)
25 1,051 3.0 1,839 3.3
50 2,790 3.4 4,883 3.7
75 5,565 3.7 9,739 4.0
100 10,780 4.0 18,865 4.3
125 20,595 4.3 36,041 4.6
150 43,799 4.6 76,648 4.9
175 88,359 4.9 154,628 5.2
200 123,995 5.1 216,991 5.3
225 155,495 5.2 272,116 5.4
250 186,995 5.3 327,241 5.5
275 218,495 5.3 382,366 5.6
300 249,995 5.4 437,491 5.6
325 362,716 5.6 634,753 5.8
350 526,267 5.7 920,967 6.0
375 763,572 5.9 1,336,251 6.1
400 912,933 6.0 1,597,633 6.2

A very minor difference.

High level players are already penalized for hitting lower. In the case of Evas, farms don’t add to XP so it doesn’t matter.

Agreed lol. But we’ve had it before, and perhaps if we have a calculator where players could type in XP and it would simply show "event points: that would help. A calculator IN GAME. They could also have a table like I showed with examples.

It did before. The first iteration of the event was a pure XP gained = event points. Low levels cried foul. However, I think most higher levels would like this over feeding. Lesser of two evils. The goal of this event is to reward the players. No buying a win here.

I like the suggestion by some that you could get bonus points for hitting live bases with defenders. This would also help with Atlas vs Non-Atlas.

Transfer XP could give WAY more points.
Perhaps a purchasable XP boost for the event. Spend $5 and get x1.5 event points, spend $10 get x2, or whatever.
Potions to give points too.

We’ve actually had this event before. Lemme see if I still have screenshots on my old phone of the old prizes.

They’ve also been hemorrhaging players, especially on the low end. They know they need to do something to address this. I am 100% positive.


All is good and as I see it, the event proposed by @TheRedDelilah would be interesting.

But those who will suffer are those who don’t have Atlas… or access to an Invader type base. And I wonder, will you take into account the XP boosts you get from having multiple developed castles ? To make things fair, I’d introduce standard bases and the XP would be the same for everyone at the same base level, differentiating the XP earned only on the base levels.
Yes, adding XP boosts or runes will modify the XP gains, but it would be more fair, IMHO.

I say all of these because I think also about the little guys. If it was for me only, bring in the proposition of @TheRedDelilah and I will be verrrrryyyyy happy !